slab vs paneled on drawer banks- what is the convention?

illinigirlSeptember 11, 2013

When cabinet door style is anything other than slab, often times the drawers are a mix of slab and panel. When there is slab, it's always the top drawer, and sometimes the second drawer too. Then the bottom is paneled. What is the convention on this?

Yes I know sometimes there are all paneled or all slab, but I'm talking about when there is a do you address this mix in 3 vs 4 drawer stacks? And why is there a convention for the top drawer being slab most of the time even if the other drawers are paneled?

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I have three-drawer stacks. I did the top drawer as slabs because I didn't like how skinny the top panel felt with a pull inside that skinny space. It also was a more interesting look, in my opinion. I don't know if there is a convention, but that is why I did what I did.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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The reason for the top drawer usually being a slab, is that it is too short height-wise to do a five piece stile and rail construction.

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blue devil I like your drawers. I also like the top drawer to be slab. I'm undecided about middle drawer(s) though particularly in a 4 drawer stack.

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I have slab drawer fronts over my shaker cabs. My island has a rangetop with 2 wide 5 piece drawer fronts below it, and on either side of this I have a bank of 3 drawers--top slab, bottom 2-5 piece. I chose this to tie together in my slab drawer fronts. If I had everything having a 5 piece on the island, I feel it would look separate. Plus, having a slab up top draws your attention to the 5 piece for being different....I think .

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You made me go look at my drawers! Look what I found:

What I'd never noticed before is that the drawer unit on the right has 3 slab drawers and the bottom one is a 5-piece. Although they look the same at first glance, the bottom one is actually about 4" taller than the other three.

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I went with the 5 piece drawers everywhere. I recall the cabinet place asking which I wanted, and they said it was a matter of taste. One thing they mentioned was where the handle would go. Some styles leave only a very thin area in the center and its hard to fit the knob or pull there. My cabinets are shaker style and the 5 piece looked fine.

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Conventional Shaker style is 5 piece for any drawer 8" or more. I followed that and it simplified everything.

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