Absolute Black Leathered Kitchen Counter Top

AngelaDawynSeptember 28, 2013

I had AB installed in the kitchen and it was the contractor's first installation of AB. THE SILICON AND SEAM PUTTY SHOW UP IN A GLARING SHINE ON THE MATTE FINISH! They have been back once and don't know how to correct the problem. The last time I called, they said, don't call us, we'll call you.

So, I've researched. I've tried Acetone, which got off a lot, but not all of the products. I've tried magic eraser, toothbrush, steel wool...

What else can I try that won't hurt/change the granite? And should it be sealed with a colored sealant?

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I'm so sorry you have to deal with this! That is a terrible seam, and I would not be happy with it.

I'm sure others will weigh in with helpful information, but my initials thoughts are:

1. Stop trying to fix it yourself, lest the contractor comes back and claims, "Well, I *could* have fixed it until you put that (fill in blank) on it..."

2. Go back to your contract. Is there any verbiage there that can help you out?

3. Document everything--every detail, every date, every attempted call, everything.

There are others on this site who will have more useful information for you. Good luck!

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If they don't know how to fix it they should remove it and refund all your money. Did you know this was the first time with AB? Even if you did they took the job.

The are some experts here on GW but they may not look at this thread. I thought you just wanted to show your new granite. You may want to email directly some of the "stone" people here such as oldryer.

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