Sink size for 36' base cabinet?

jqchenSeptember 9, 2011


Looking for an undermount sink for our 36" base cabinet. Should I get a 35" sink or 32" one? Is it the bigger the better? I'm considering Ticor 405D sink. Please let me know what you think for a 36" cabinet. Would it be too big/tight?



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Also, are the accessories worth the extra $50? I'm looking at Galaxy Tools site.

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Standard practice for a smooth installation is to use an actual sink that is 3" less than the Sink Base, ie SB36 33"W sink or less.

However, it is possible to notch out the sides of the cabinet to fit the 35" W sink in the 36" Sink Base.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Cabinet Kings Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Blog

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Typically, a 36" sink base has 34 1/2" of interior space. So a 33" sink or smaller should work with out having to notch the cabinet.
Additionally, IMHO, the bigger the better.
If I had the space and my druthers, I'd recess a buthtub into my countertop.

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When we were looking for sinks, our KD told us as long as the overall width of the sink was 1/2" less than the width of the cabinet, our sink would fit. She was right!

We put an S405D in a 36" cabinet and no modifications/notching was needed. The need for notching depends on the interior width of your cabinet; there is no hard and fast measurement that applies across the board.

In our case, the walls of our cabinets are 1/2" thick, so the interior width of our sink base is 35". My S405D has an overall width of 35-1/8", including the 1" rim all around the sink. There was room for the sink w/o modifications needed to the sink base. If your walls are 3/4" thick, that means you will have 34.5" interior width. You might need to notch the sink base a bit, but I don't know that for certain.

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Thank you all for the feedback!

buehl - Thanks for the measurement! I just measured our base cabinet, luckily the inside width is also 35", just like yours. So, I went ahead and ordered the Ticor 405D! I can't wait to get it!

Thanks again everyone!

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