Thermador vs. Julia Child

live_wire_oakSeptember 1, 2012

I know there is a post about this on the Appliance Forum, but as this one gets more traffic, I thought that more people would like to know about this. It IS Kitchen Forum related as many people are considering appliance selection as part of a kitchen redo, and many of us love Julia's kitchen which is displayed in the Smithsonian.

BSH coporation, the parent company of Thermador, Bosh, and Gaggenau has sued the Julia Child Foundation to be able to keep using her image to promote their products. They appropriated her image (which the foundation controls) without the foundation's consent, and when the foundation sought to have to company cease doing so, instead of apologizing, they sued the foundation.

Julia wouldn't endorse any product in her lifetime, and it's beyond poor taste that any company would attempt to steal her image to do so after her death. It's disgraceful, in fact.

I would hope that the company would come to their senses, cease the ads, and make a large donation to the charity to make up for their idiocy. I would hope that pressure from social media sites from people "liking" the article and sharing it with their friends as well as commenting to Thermador's Facebook page could cause them to come to their senses here. I know I will never recommend another of their products while this is going on!

Here is a link that might be useful: LA Times Article

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Thanks for the heads up. That is outrageous, with, of course, siccing teams of lawyers for as long as it takes on those in their way being a standard tactic of giant corporations like Bosch und Siemens Hausgerte GmbH.

This community can probably help protect Julia's legacy.

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Makes me glad I bough an elextrolux range! ;^)

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As I commented on Appliances, I can now cross Bosch off my list of DW brands I'm considering for my upcoming purchase. Unbelievable.

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Yes, there are plenty of other alternatives to Thermador. Kitchenaid for fridges and dishwashers is a great choice, and Capital or Blue Star for cooking equipent. There is always another choice if you care enough to demand a company act appropriately.

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