Vintage kitchen plan

lavender_lassSeptember 14, 2012

Still trying to distract myself with house plans! I've been trying out the idea of keeping the kitchen in the original space, but adding 6' to the back, to even it out with the addition. The seating area is the pantry and the new 6'.

While everyone seems to like an island, I'm still thinking table. There would be a separate dining room, so this would only be a kitchen breakfast/work table. Has anyone seen "The Good Witch" on Hallmark? I love that kitchen and the big range. This one isn't quite that big, but I'm kind of combining it with the Laura Calder kitchen (all the windows) and wall oven. Every square is 6".

From [Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures](

Oh, and the wood stove would not be used everyday. Just for power outages and occasional ambiance. I'm thinking something pretty small, like this... From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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I like tables, though I would do a more work table kind of thing. It rather broke my heart that I HAD to do an island because the cooktop HAD to go there.

I don't know what era you are going for when you say vintage. If you are interested in the twenties (or so) take a look at a book called Bungalow Kitchens.

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How about something like this:

Source: via Brandi on Pinterest

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I honestly really love a kitchen table that is sit down.. Kind of like Lynette Scavo's table in Desperate Housewives.. I feel that really anchors the kitchen as a the gathering place for family and provides a convenient sit down work surface. Honestly, a lot of times, I want to prep sitting down.. especially when you are doing something long winded like pitting cherries for canning or shelling a mound of peas etc.. A sitting down surface is not just for eating but also doing things with older or younger family members. That being said, the feedback on the forum has been pretty overwhelmingly in favor of islands vs. work tables or sit down tables. I would suggest you carefully consider whether you need additional storage or possibly functions like sinks or appliances in an island.. If not, a table is a viable option for you. Then it is careful consideration of how you use your kitchen to see if it needs to be counter height or a sit down height.

I love the arm-chair with stove picture.. I feel your space may be a bit cramped to do both a table and a cozy fireplace/ stove nook. I would suggest playing with a wall mounted narrow fireplace instead.. Consider options like the Portrait series from Valor which have a narrow depth requirement or perhaps the "torch" model from Napolean.

Here is a link that might be useful: Napolean Torch wall mounted gas fireplace

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Fori is not pleased

I like tables too. If you need additional counter (ie. storage) then a table won't do, but it it DOES do, then table's the way to go.

Not to mention it's much more of a vintage feel.

Of course, I'm short enough that a table is a perfectly acceptable height to work off. :)

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Thank you all for the responses! After thinking (and measuring) some more, it might be a better idea to use the space to the right as a den...and put the wood stove in there.

So, here's another kitchen layout, with a small island and banquette. What do you think? I could have the wall behind the banquette a half see into the den. That's the best view from the house, so we might as well make the most of it! :)

From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

And I really like the island and stools, on the cover of this month's magazine!

From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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Ooh. A new magazine! Have to look for that one. Say, your kitchen looks big. What are the dimensions as it is now?

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I LOVE that one!!! Have not seen that mag yet, either. Good to see your post!


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Thanks! I'm always looking for magazines with great kitchen ideas :)

I'm not really loving the fridge so close to the seating area. But, it's too far from the sink on the back what about this? Keeping the island above, but adding a small prep sink.

From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

It would be nice to have some opening between the kitchen and den/family room to the right. Donaleen posted this picture, which might be a possibility over the banquette. What do you think?

From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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I'm just not sure about this island prep sink. It doesn't look very vintage, to me...and it doesn't leave much space on the island, for prep.

So, what about getting rid of the wall oven (gasp!) and moving the fridge over, with the microwave and prep sink on that side of the kitchen. The dining room is on the other side of that wall, so that may be a good place for drinks, etc.

From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

And, I still like a little pot rack over the island...something like this :)

From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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I actually like the design you opened with a lot, Lavender. It's totally charming, a warm, lovely room and would be a delight to work and just be in.

I'd want the sink 24" from the right end, with the DW on the end (as I have now) for greatest work area. Those blue cabinets, especially the uppers and their brackets. Possibly a marble top on the table for working with pastry and coolness in the summer (the base painted whatever color took my fancy), with tablecloths to warm it up in winter. A wonderful little chandelier over the table. Cookbooks and little treasures on those built-in shelves, and the most comfortable chairs I could find--slipcovered for fun and easy care. Of course, I'd need to go shopping for another old footstool or two. :)

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Lavender - keep thinking of you and DH
Your first floor plan was reminiscent of our kitchen growing up - we had a big round table in the ktichen - and even though I had my desk, I loved to sit in the ktichen studying.

Not sure what is best but love seeing your ideas and creativity.

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Thanks for the responses! I agree with you both...that first plan is charming. The other plans are more efficient, but I miss the coziness of the wood stove in the corner. you think there's enough room for the table and the seating? Maybe if I put the wood stove in an actual fireplace surround...then the chairs could be a bit closer, without becoming a fire hazard.

Rosie- Thanks for the vote of confidence! I agree with you that the work area between the stove and sink should be maximized. Good idea to move the dishwasher down and a marble table could be very interesting.

Gemini- My husband is doing much better I'm hoping this new course of treatment works well and he keeps getting better :)

So maybe with a few changes...this plan could work after all.

From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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I vote for the last drawing. It's just so charming and personal.

I would also add my 2 cents to make sure that you have power outlets by the chairs in the nook so you can put in a good reading lamp. That space would be so nice for reading, knitting, etc.

If you go the other route with the island, then I think the round version of the table is better. My kitchen is similar and has a square/rectangle table and I wish it were a round one. They just seem homier.

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Julie- Thanks for the good ideas about the outlets and the round table! I agree with you on both :)

While the island does provide more prep space, I think it also makes the perimeter counters rather secondary. There should be plenty of room for cooking and baking in this kitchen, even without the island. It just means I have to keep only the essential items, which is what I'm trying to do right now. I'm so tired of clutter!

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Here's the kitchen, in relation to the rest of the house. I really like a dining room, but I know we wouldn't use it I'm planning to have it serve double duty as a library/study, as well as the dining room. Dishes in upper cabinets of hutches and computer/printer equipment below...with bookcases on each side of the window seat. Also a great place to have fancy tea, with friends :)

From [Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures](
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That last one is really cute, Lav. Love the sitting area by the wood stove. Hey, what about a wood stove with a little oven? You could bake bread in it while cooking a pot of soup on top and never turn on your oven!

I think these offer soapstone panels for the sides, too.

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That is such a cute stove! Thanks, Deedles :)

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My mom came over last night and I showed her my kitchen plan. She thought it was charming...but didn't give me any more counterspace than I have now. Since I really want an area for making bread and other baking, she makes a good point. She also likes the idea of a wood stove, but doesn't think I have quite enough room for one, in this plan.

Instead, she asked if I still planned to have a sun/screen porch. Maybe I could put the wood stove out the picture above. Then, I could tie that chimney in with the master bedroom...if I still wanted a wood stove in there. Moms are so smart!

So, here's the new plan (similar to the old one) but with room for a door out to the porch. I think this will give me more room for nieces/nephews to help bake and still also a porch for my plants/herbs (and sunny place to sit) in the winter :)

From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

Wood stove picture (again) I just love this! LOL From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

And wood stove idea for master bedroom...keeping the leather chair, but replacing the rest with bedroom furniture. From Fairy tale cottage

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Hi Lavender! I don't have any ideas for you right now, but I saw this photo last night and it immediately reminded me of you. I know it's a little more modern than your usual style, but the fireplace and the little chairs... IDK, I just thought of you. If you squint your eyes a little and replace those chairs with something more vintage, and that floor with a real wood floor, and those beams with reclaimed wooden beams... I'd also want some large windows flanking that FP.

I also just read about your home situation with DH - so sorry to hear about that. Hope things are getting better. You have always been so generous with your support and goodwill, for me and for others, and I've always appreciated it. If you need anything, please email me. I often feel like you and I have a lot in common in many ways! (((hugs)))

Traditional Kitchen design by Minneapolis Design-build Schrader & Companies

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Jen- Thank you so much, for the kind words. My husband seems to be getting better, but we'll know more in a few days. We think he just got too many types of medication and had some side effects from them.

Great picture! Those beams and island are beautiful and the fireplace makes the room so cozy. I'm still trying to decide if I want more of a cottage or farmhouse look in the it will probably end up being something in between.

I've always thought we have a lot in common, too :)

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