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eleenaSeptember 21, 2012

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With DH (who normally does the dishes) being out of town for a week, I am re-thinking the layout for the 100th time b/c my back really hurts after loading the DW every day.

I am pretty sure I want the DW raised!

I know there are some models designed for it, like Miele or Fagor. But isn't it just about having a pedestal-like base, similar to washers?

Please, enlighten me!


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Any DW can be raised.

The kitchen we replaced had one that sat on top of a drawer incorporated into the rest of the cabinetry.

When we remodeled, we had our cabinetmaker build the new DW into what looks like a jelly cabinet with an integrated panel that is also raised.

We would never go back to a DW at 'regular' height.


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What is a jelly cabinet?

Also, could you possibly post pix?

I have not seen too many raised DWs around here.

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this was a display at my local lowe's a few yrs ago -

and this is nancy's kitchen (on small homes)-

there are a number of people on here who have built their dws up - hopefully more will post pics for you to see.

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Smeg STO509U.

One rack, 36" wide, up high where everything's an easy reach.

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@Lee - do you know a vendor for the Smeg dishwasher? I Googled it and found only this thread.

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oops exchanged a couple of digits and got the model # wrong, it's STO905U . Google that and you'll find some more info.


Brochure (p.40-43)

Owner's Manual

It's included in their printed and online brochure and mentioned on their site but I see you can't click on it anymore, wonder if it's been recently discontinued. Anyway theres a guy on eBay in New York who seems to have a big stock of these, all new, and is selling them off at about 1/4 of the price they normally sold at, which was about $1,600. Do a search on STO905U and you'll find it. Last one went for $500 including the $150 shipping fee.

This is an Italian manufacturer that's big in Europe but hasn't been able to make many waves in the US. GE rebranded some of their dishwashers for their Monogram line several years back, and their retro 1950s refrigerators seem to be popular.

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I really wanted one and while working with a Lowe's kitchen designer we factored it in. However, my total kitchen is on 1 18 foot wall and the raised cabinet seriously shorted my counter space. I eliminated it and have reconciled to having a standard counter height DW.

For kitchen with the space to include a raised dishwasher it would be great. The drawer below the DW would be used for detergent products.

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Any DW can be raised; the problem is the countertop above it will have to be raised too, or the dishwasher can be mounted in a cabinet.

Unless the machine is less tall than most, like the aforementioned Smeg or Fisher & Paykel's DishDrawer line - some of them anyway - now available in two depths and two widths (24", 30")

Here is a link that might be useful: Fisher & Paykel

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Those bargain Smegs are interesting. I was very much taken by this DW at one point in my kitchen design, but they didn't seem to have a service and support network in the U.S., and when I looked up their service and reliability reputation on European forums I was not reassured. But for $500 I might have taken the chance.

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We are in the process of having one installed. I also opted for an upper cabinet to sit on top, but am really second-guessing that as I feel it blocks the window too much. However, the cabinet won't be installed for a few more weeks yet. I'll have to take a poll before then!

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Thanks so much for the updated information and the links. I really like this dishwasher even better than the dish drawers. As I am working on accessibility (should it become necessary) and aging in place (because it most definitely will become necessary), this gives me another option for the kitchen.

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Actually it is still on SMEG's US site: 36''w Single Rack Dishwasher. There's also a thread specifically about this dishwasher, and someone in this thread was about to install one. There seems to have been two or three people here who have these; hopefully someone will speak up regarding their experience with them, as i've never seen one IRL.

Even though I've already have a nice Miele dishwasher that I acquired secondhand (barter!) that I was planning to install in my kitchen as it is renovated, I'm considering one of these Smeg units, since I have back trouble and leaning down to reach the lower rack can be painful, or worse (sometimes my back gives out entirely when I lean over and I fall).

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oops, bad link, let's try again: Smeg 36'' single-rack dishwasher thread

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That Smeg DW shows as discontinued on AJ Madison and Appliance Connection....

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still available on Amazon.com, though not directly from Amazon

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