Front Loader w/o pedestal- XPOST

angel411September 19, 2012

Sorry, I know this is not a kitchen question, but I value your advice over here so much and the laundry forum is pretty quiet lately.

I have had the Samsung FL's for a few years. Now, we are trying to make our laundry room layout more efficient. I would like to take the machines off of their pedestals and put a counter top above them for folding (see pic below), and probably hang some upper cabinets. Has anyone gone from pedestals to no pedestals? Will I hate having to bend that low? Anyone BTDT?

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I really like that look, and I would also like the space efficiency of stacking the W&D, but I really like the height of mine on pedestals. I wasn't at a point where I could remodel the utility room when I had to buy new W&D, so we bought the pedestals and figured we'd change it later if we wanted to. I don't think I can now, but I am tall and have some neck problems. For you, it might not be and issue.

Something I did was take a basket of towels (nothing personal) to an appliance store and put them in the washer, then moved them to the dryer. T was testing it more for the idea of stacking, but you can do it with them on the floor -- you just need to find a pair that aren't displayed on pedestals to try. That shouldn't be as hard as finding them stacked and not on a platform.

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We did. Took our LG FL's off the (expensive) pedestals. Advantage was that it made accessing the existing cabinets above them possible again (we previously had top loaders). It also gives us space to fold and stack on top of the units, though we just sit stuff right on them, we didn't build an actual counter over them. We don't really miss the pedestal storage much as our laundry room has a decent amount of storage.

The downside is certainly access: I actually typically squat on my knees to load, though my more limber DW just bends at the waist. Fine for now, though not sure it will work as well in 15 years. We moved the pedestals to the lake house where we just purchased LG's as well and I will admit it's nice not to bend over, but it's not enough to make me regret taking them off in the main house.

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Mine is currently in the kitchen and stacked and I had stacked before so my last two have been on the floor. I don't bend at all to load. I can stand up straight and put it in with kind of an underhand toss. I do have to bend over to pull it out, but mostly if something is stuck to the top.

In my next house, the main W/D is going to be in the basement and I will probably put them on a pedestal either made by the company or built as a platform. However, I would configure it like you show if I wanted a counter over it.

Besides bending over is actually good for you, we don't get enough exercise as it is. Pretty soon people will want to cook from a seated position :(

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I have never had pedestals, but have my front loading high efficiency (LG) washer and dryer stacked, so the washer is not on a pedestal. I would not recommend it for someone with mobility issues as it is pretty low. But I love the efficiency of space usage and would do it again. If I had the space to put them side by side by not the space to have a large counter in addition to that, I would definitely do what you're describing. But I am not bothered by bending down. It is low, but not so low as to be unusable or frustrating for me.

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Palimpsest, that was funny!! Mine are now stacked, previously on pedestals, and I prefer the lower position, since I don't mind bending down.


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I do not have pedestals either. My only dislike for the W/D on the floor is that some laundry baskets that I have do not fit underneath the doors. I've been slowly passing them along to my sons at college and plan to get some more shorter ones. The only bad part is that shorter ones are usually smaller. I do like the height of the counter above them and wouldn't trade that for any reason. Never had a problem with bending and I'm getting closer to the senior discount.

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Thank you so much! I knew you all wouldn't mind a laundry question!

Pal- LOL about the lack of exercise! So true...

Corgimum- Good point about the baskets. That would bug me if they didn't slide under the doors. Thanks for pointing that out.

I really think I'm going to go for it. I think the counter space and the upper storage outweighs the possible bending. Thanks again!

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I took mine off the pedestal so I could put a counter and upper cabinets over them. Yes, the baskets don't fit under the door, but they are just the right height for the washer opening so I just open the door and then put down the basket.

I also like having them on the floor so we can pull them out if necessary. On the pedestal, it took both of us and killed my back.

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Oh man...seeing all that counter makes me tempted to take mine off the pedestal. It's probably for the best that I'm completely broke from the kitchen remodel, since DH insisted on the pedestals, him being 11 inches taller than I am. Doubt he would go for the removal. Still tempting though.

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I also have front loaders w/o pedestals and it hurts my back sometimes. I wanted them up on pedestals for our new place but then found a pair of F&P ecosmart with a top load washer on Craigslist for a great price. Love it and don't think I'll go back to a front loader again when these are defunct. I will have room for a folding table though so if a person needed the space on top that factors in. Mine are always crapped up with stuff, though. Another black hole for setting stuff down and walking away, unfortunately.

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We don't have pedestals either but I put a little stool in front of them and sit on that to transfer and fold. It's kinda fun. You could get a cute one. I just have a little Rubbermaid thing. I'm not ancient but I still like to just take my time and I also can sit and wipe everything out and really see inside if I'm sitting on the little stool. It works for me : )

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I have my Samsung's stacked. It was never an option in my tiny house to have anything but stacked so I don't really know how nice it is to have pedestals.

I can say however, that with a 2 and a 3 year old, I do a LOT of laundry. It does not bother me at all to bend a little to move laundry from one to the other. I am a fairly active person who along with hubby is self renovating our entire home, I garden every day, go to the park and keep up with the kids... so I am in no way out of shape so it may get bothersome in my older years I guess we will see. Maybe by then they will have ones that move the laundry for you ;)

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On the bright side, squatting is just about the best exercise you can do. When I was pregnant, my midwife told me that if I would squat while folding my laundry I would have an easy birth. I started squatting and throwing the socks all over the floor to squaddle(squat+waddle) over to make matches.
So I say take them off their pedestals, don't bend- squat!

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I love my front load machines w/o pedestal. I previously had only about 30 inches of counter top in my laundry room. We were able to put a drawer stack next to the washer and dryer and extend the countertop over that and the machines. My counters are also extra deep so they completely cover the machines. I do not mind the little bit of bending required for moving the laundry in and out of the machines and I also no longer a spring chicken. Since my laundry room was clean at the moment I snapped a quick picture to show you the set up.

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I have been using my front loaders w/o the pedestals for 8 years. I just never bothered to get them. I don't even think of the bending so it hasn't bothered me. My friend has the pedestals and when I see them it looks different to me. so guess it is what you get used to. That is a really nice setup Badgergirl has. I am thinking of that as well. Glad she posted the picture.

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Thanks for all of this great advice. I've decided to go for it! Yay a new project!
Badger girl- thank you so much for the picture. Your set up is just what I hope to accomplish. What a gorgeous space!

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My wife also has a stool she uses, just recently started doing this after about 6 years

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I did not buy my w/d at the same time, so when I bought a new washer, I put it on a pedestal. That worked well for me as I had no counter space and used the dryer top for folding clothes.

Now, I bought a new dryer and moved my laundry room to a larger space. I plan to get a pedestal for the dryer since I now have another countertop. I think countertop is essential and I would not put both machines on a pedestal unless I had a counter nearby.

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I didn't want to spend the huge sum of money for the pedestals and so did not get them for my front loaders. Bad decision. I hate that they are so low to the ground. Why do people feel the need to fold at the laundry machine? I just dump everything in the basket, take it upstairs and fold in my bedroom. More room to spread out and I can even sit and fold if I want (especially when I get to the socks/underwear!)

As for squatting/bending, I bet that most people don't do it correctly anyway. Most people probably bend at the waist rather than squatting from the knees and do more damage to their back than not.

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I too am one of those crazy non-pedastal front loader owners. They were expensive, so I always figured that someday I would get them when I had extra cash. Also, my kiddos were little, 2 & newborn when I got them, eventually followed by a 3rd, so storing chemicals within their reach didn't seem like a good idea. I've had mine for 9 years now and the kids are no longer a worry, but honestly other than raising the height, I couldn't see the point of the storage down below. Talk about stooping! I much prefer having my laundry stuff higher up at a level I can easily reach.

I'm 2.5 years into our sorta DIY kitchen, but I have plans to eventually stack mine too rather than build a counter (someday). My laundry room is not spacious. In fact, with no windows and a single depressing light overhead, it's pretty dark. I usually end up folding upstairs in our loft area where I can watch TV. It seems I rarely ever get to watch anyway (3 kids remember), so doing laundry is a good excuse. Plus the bedrooms are all up there too.

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I don't have the pedestals, either.
I wish they were about 6" higher, and might build a platform for them. I haven't decided.

Currently they're stacked, so I guess I should say, "it" as the washer is on the bottom.

I have a square laundry room with a closet across one side. Unfortunately, with doors on opposing walls, I have no idea how to lay this out and have just left it.

But I don't see the need for a pedestal, either. The washer is low, but I'm short.

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I'm short too, Christine, so I think I will be fine with the bending (proper bending!)

I'm actually the kind of person who tries to use the laundry room for folding and ironing. That doesn't mean it always happens that way- I usually end up folding on the dining room table....but one can aspire right?

kathec-I've actually never used the drawers in the pedestals for storage. The boxes of detergent and bottles of softner I use won't fit standing upright.

Thank you so much for your help everyone! I showed this thread to DH and we are going to start thinking about countertops and cabinets. This will be DIY and low budget!

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