White-grayish granite that has no wine specks and is not quartzit

heidiaSeptember 27, 2012

Does it exist? I think I have talked myself out of quartzite...I cannot handle the etching, and the pricier stuff is out of my reach...I love the look of white river or bianco romano, but I cannot stand the color wine. They all seem to have wine specks. Looking for suggestions on a white or gray granite that does not have wine specks but is not a quartzite. Thanks!

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What about cinnamon specks? white diamond aka bianco antico.

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Hi Heidia,

What about Piracema White?

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debrak_2008-I do not mind cinnamin at all, so I will look into that one...thanks!

Mjocean, thanks for that info! I have not heard of this before, and I really like it!!!

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You're very welcome. I will tell you it is not very common, but you should be able to find it.

Best of luck!

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I had the same thoughts when selecting a top for my hall bath. Was considering Kashmir White and Bianco Romano. Went with Cambria Torquay and am very pleased.....very durable.

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White Macaubus quartzite doesn't etch. I love mine. But it isn't inexpensive. I feel your pain. I didn't want wine in mine either. Have you looked at different slab yards to see what you can find? Different quarries may have different looks to them. And depending on where the slab was cut, it may not have any wine in it. I saw many stones I wasn't familiar with when I was looking. I looked at four different yards and saw several possibilities.

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Chrismo4...I have a sample of silestone lyra that I really love...my only worry is that it may be too busy, but it does fit the bill and is in the running if I cannot find a granite that is gray/neutral/light enough! :) Cambria Torquay is really pretty too-I am going to order a sample...I feel like it might be too warm for me, so a sample will confirm. :)

Oh I adore the white maccabaus! I am going to see if the stone yard I am visiting has it and price it compared to the silestone sample I am having qouted as well as the other neutral granites...so yours does not etch at all? I have gotten a little weary of the quartzites as there is etching with some of them. As I recall, I have not seen anyone with white maccaubus claim etching, but I have seen many with other quartzites talk about etching, so it has me worried that it is a possibility? White Mac would be my first choice if it is in our price range and I could be sure it does not etch...it is SO beautiful!

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hejdia, just yesterday DH and I saw a Greenfield inset cabinet full length walnut island, topped with Silestone Lyra double ogee edge. Stunning! It was very calming in effect, quite lovely and didn't strike us as busy as all.

My DH is not a big on man-made stones, but he kept peppering the gracious cabinet man with questions about Silestone counters in general and this one in particular. He was quite taken with it, which is a statement in his own way. I could visualize it well in our kitchen, where durable is important to us both.

Just wanted to pass this information on.

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