Update on Removal of Coffee Stain on Granite

karenfromknoxvilleSeptember 13, 2008


I just wanted to pass along my experience with coffee stain removal on Granite and Carrera Marble. Bottom line....no problem at all and very easy to do!!!

I had some left over pieces of Carrera Marble and my granite (Golden Queen) which I thought I'd experiment on first before trying to remove the stain on the kitchen counter. I spilled some coffe and put some used coffee grinds on the marble and left it on there for 2 weeks. Although it absorbed into the marble, it came out without a problem. When I spilled coffee on the granite, I left it on there for at least 6 hours. It never absorbed into the stone and I could just wipe it off. Which is amazing to me because that piece of granite was never sealed! Which causes me to wonder if what I think is a stain on my kitchen counter is in fact a stain (that granite was sealed!).

After I asked here for advice on how to remove a stain (many thanks to karencon and Buehl) and consulted some stone sites, I used Maurizio Bertoli's formula for coffee stain removal. The recipe I used to remove the stain was a mixture of hydrogen peroxide (from a beauty supply store) and baby powder. I mixed it (in a small glass jar) to peanutbutter consistency and put the paste on (with a metal spoon) over the stain. I did this outside and left the tile outside to dry because it is very hot here. Within 8 hours, I scraped the dried paste off and the stain was gone.

It was so easy I was surprised by the results. I don't know if most people are as scared as I am of doing something stupid that will damage the beauty of their stone, but I was pleasantly surprised that this experiment turned out so well without any harm to my stone.

Thanks for listening (reading) and hopefully my experience will help someone else!


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Great news Karen. Just an aside for others. In the begining when water would be absorbed by the granite I would wonder if it was a stain. But in time it simply dried out. With a porous type granite that can happen and does especially around the sink.

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Glad everything worked out for you. These forums will miss Maurizio, he was a generous and courteous contributor.

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