Need help with range hood/blower

twinmommy77September 7, 2012

We purchased a wood hood that matched our new kitchen cabinets. The hood comes with a liner, but we did not buy the blower insert, or whatever it is we need, through the cabinet company because I know they jack those prices up sky high.

So now we are trying to figure out what it is we need to buy to complete it. Just looking over the Omega National Products website (who manufactured the wood hood) it seems we need a blower insert and a housing unit. The website also mentions their hoods are built with Broan blowers in mind, but does that mean we are stuck with only Broan or should we be able to use any brand?

And if we can use any brand what dimensions do we need to be looking at to figure out what blower will fit?

It's a 36" wood hood, but I'm not sure if that matters or if we just need to be looking at the size of the opening in the liner.

This is the one area of our kitchen both my husband and I feel like we are just clueless and not finding clear answers.



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You should cross post this on Appliances too.


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Thanks I'll do that.

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