What gets matched - range or hood?

cluelessincoloradoSeptember 10, 2012

I am completely stuck on what to put behind my range and I need some help! The range is 30" and the hood 36" and I can't decide if the stainless sheet I want to put back there should match range or hood. There are no cabinets on either side to limit anything. The hood is pretty massive (36"x24") for the small kitchen and I am afraid if I match its width it will be even more of a hulking mass. On the other hand, if I match the range's width, will that look weird? Here's a couple of photos to put it in context. Yes, I STILL have the painted plywood countertops, but they're holding up so well it's hard to pull the trigger...

My other choice would be to use this tile (http://www.houzz.com/photos/31123/Schwartz-and-Architecture-contemporary-kitchen-san-francisco) and tile the whole wall, but I still wouldn't know where to stop and the thought of cleaning grout with the kind of cooking we do :-(

Here is a link that might be useful: tile I love from Heath

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I remember a few people struggling with this, but could only find one old thread. A couple of pics have been deleted, but the discussion might help. I think I would match the range with a 30" ss sheet. Another option, one that doesn't work with my aesthetic is to angle the sheet from 30" at range to 36" at the top to match the hood. I've seen a pic of that around here several times. Can't find it now though.

I plan on tiling the whole wall behind my CC range top. Well, one day I will when I actually find my tile. ;) Like you, I'm a bit concerned about how the tile and grout sill hold up since I like the fancier, more delicate tiles. A ss sheet doesn't fit my kitchen so that route is out for me.

Love seeing another peak at that gorgeous grain of yours. ((sigh))

Here is a link that might be useful: Old thread

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Funny, I struggled with this, I have 36" range and 42" hood. I just had to go look to see which way I decided. I did match it to the range, but I did it because I felt when we do tile I will just tile up to it and it will look fine.

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It is hard to tell from the photo, but a 42" sheet of stainless might run across part of that electrical outlet, unless you were planning to move it.

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Thanks breezygirl, what a great thread! Now why couldn't I find it - duh! I am at a complete standstill. I have so much metal in this room right now I'm afraid of pushing it over the edge, on the other hand it would be so easy to clean! Even with our new hood, that makes me feel like I have to hold onto the cat when I turn it on high, we get a lot of blech on the wall. My cabs should get together with your gorgeous counter... ;-)

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Thanks for the info beekeeperswife, although I feel so completely inadequate when I look at your knockout kitchen! How far up the wall will you tile?

Good spot idrive65, we will have some fun around that outlet...

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hah, even funnier, the link breezy put up was the one I started when I was trying to figure this out!

btw, there was some discussion on the other thread about the greasy underside of the shelf....I don't have a problem. I wipe it down every now and then and it usually isn't bad at all. there are slats in my shelf. Not sure if you are considering one. I love mine.

Breezy's stools would look lovely in your kitchen.....from West Elm.

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clueless, we must have posted at the same time. I'm not sure yet, but I know for sure it will not go above the bottom of the hood.

Haven't even picked out what tile yet. But y'all know what I'm partial to...


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Saran Wrap, in an arabesque of course! How was the housewarming? I would have been more worried about dents in the floor from jaws dropping ;-)

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