kitchen layout...see any ways I could improve??

lcskaisgirSeptember 9, 2013

This is the layout we have come up with for my remodel. (it is basically the same layout that is already there with some very small tweaks...such as size of island) I find that I do most everything, prepping, baking, etc, on the counter between the cook top and the sink. My kitchenaid mixer is kept in that corner and it seems to work. The only problem I find with this layout is that the 66" of counter to the right of my sink doesn't get used much for anything and I find it to be such a waste. Does anyone see any ways I could improve upon the plans??


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Here's a better look...

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I also prep/cook between my sink/cooktop, so w/ your layout,
1. I would shift the sink to the right, allowing more countertop to the left of the sink.

yes, the sink will not be centered, but you can center the faucet w/ the window and no one will notice.

2. W/ the 36" sink base, I put the trash on 1 side (18").
(your kitchen is flipped from mine): but w/ your layout, I would have it:
- 18" under sink
- 18" trash under sink,
so you that you can stand in front of the left sink door, while people can still access the trash on the right door (pullout).

3. I would put another trash/recycling in the desk area.
My kids are now trained to use that trash for non-dirty stuff, meaning only food covered stuff goes into the sink trash, while other stuff like broken rubber bands go into the desk trash, so that they stay out of my cooking area.

4. I would make the upper corner cabinet into a 90degree cabinet, so that you wouldn't have a cabinet in your face, since you prep in that area (between cooktop/sink) a lot.

good luck,

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1 more.

- should be next to fridge, where DO is.
- so replace one of the ovens w/ an Advantium/speedcooker/microwave, or

put the MW next to fridge on top of 1 oven, while putting the 2nd oven where you have for MW in island.

I don't bake as much, so I don't see the need for the 2nd oven all the time.

hard to read your layout.
what size fridge is that? standard depth?
is there landing space next to fridge area, or is the island the landing space.
not liking having to swing a hot casserole 180degree pass a walkway.

could you make the fridge recess area wider, to allow for even just 12inches of landing space?

just ideas.

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Where do you keep your dirty dishes? That would be my 'pots and pans' area, when I'm cooking and baking. Right above the dishwasher, until I can load them. I always seem to have more dishes that room in the dishwasher (especially when I bake cookies/cakes) so I need a dirty dish area. I also don't like to fill up my sink.

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You said that the 66" isn't used much at all. Do you use the counterspace to the right of the dishwasher for clearing dishes from table before they go in to be washed? If not, what if the upper cabinet comes down to meet the counter? Easier to put dishes away, and if you add a drawer between the counter and cabinet door, then if something is on the counter you can still open the door, and to store things like napkins, or the corn picks, iced tea spoons, and steak knives you don't use every meal.

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Wow...good suggestions!

Amanda, my appliances are already purchased and sitting in my garage (long story!), so there's no changing them!! My fridge is 36" counter depth. There will be a double oven next to that (and I bake a lot!!) and then a 15" counter (landing) next to the ovens. Sometimes I set things there when I first take them out of the oven, but usually I take them over and set them on the cooktop.

bpathome, I love the idea of taking the cabinets down to the counter. I could certainly fill them!! The only problem I would encounter is that I have a flat screen TV under those cabinets, kind of pushed up against the backsplash. I suppose I could relocate the TV. I could put one above the fireplace, but I'm afraid the sound would compete with the family room TV on the other side of the fireplace (it's a two sided fireplace which faces the family room on the other side). Solving one problem always creates another! Ugh!!

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