What's in your glass front cabinets?

crl_September 22, 2012

I love the look of glass front doors for some of the upper cabinets, but I am not super organized and am worried that they would just show a jumbled mess. If you have glass front upper cabinets, what do you keep in them? How do they work for you?

Anyone done rice paper or similar to create a translucent rather than transparent effect?

Thank you so much for any input!

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No pics, but I have two complete plain glass fronted cabinets that house my glassware and stemware. My upper stacked glass cabinets hold some pottery that I collect.

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I have all white dishes, and clear glasses. Very simple, and they look nice in there. I also stick some silver pieces in here and there.

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Every day dishes, bowls,cups and glasses on the lower shelves
Large, decorative, mixing and serving bowls and decorative large cookie jars on the upper shelves.

The objects are mainly white, black and clear glass -- However the decorative objectives are a different matter and I have strategically placed them to show pops of color.

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We have our everyday dishes, clear glasses, and wine glasses. I was always one who shied away from the thought of glass cabs, thinking they'd be hard to keep uncluttered looking, but it turned out to be a complete non-issue.

You should go for it.

Colored dishware is often white on the edge, so look at your current pattern and it may look like a nice clean white even if the pattern if wildly colored. In the close up below you see the dishes are yellow patterned, but when stacked in the cabinet they just show white. I mention that since I hadn't realized it myself until we were done. Had just assumed that patterned dishes would look goofy and was pleasantly surprised when I realized they were okay as is.

Good luck, and post pics when you're done!

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laura mcleod

Just like the others have said - everything we have is white or clear glass. White plastic bowls are stuck in there with china and glass, and because it is monochromatic it all just goes together. Anything colored (like all of our football game cups) has to go below in drawers - keeps me disciplined!

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Mostly glasses with a few decorative pieces. We used a light seed glass

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I bookmarked the link below as I consider glass for upper cabinets. Bendheim Cabinet Glass (no affiliation). Maybe it will help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link

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Annie Deighnaugh

I knew I couldnt reach anything easily there so mine were designed with display only in mind. The glass on the front was salvaged shimmer glass from the old house (built in 1790). The doors are separate from the regular doors to protect the old glass from frequent opening and shutting.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I don't have a pic, but GF went with a glass front door behind which she stores her wedding china which is used infrequently but lends a lovely color to that corner of her kitchen.

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If I thought it would become messy behind the glass I'd choose an opaque glass to begin with. I've had doorless upper cabinets in 2 houses and it's amazingly easy to keep things organized. Now I have wood cabinetry and behind the doors it kind of a jumble. I think with glass in your cabinets you will automatically keep it tidy.

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Thanks everyone, and especially for the beautiful pictures!


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All my upper cabinets are glass front. I bought a set of Lenox everyday China (butterfly meadows) along with some serving pieces and glasses. I really like the way it looks, however the only issue I have is when I have people over, I want the glass cabinets to have the pretty stuff in them so I basically feel like I need to use a different set of dishes and keep the ones in there on display... but at the same time, I also want to use those dishes (we have other sets, but they are my favorites for casual entertaining). I'll probably solve the problem by just getting a few more place settings of the china. I wouldn't do it any differently and I don't find it hard to keep organized or anything, but I just don't like having empty cabinets when I want to use the dishes...

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My dish hutch has water glass doors. I keep everyday stuff here (plates, bowls, glasses, coffee cups, and wine glasses) and a couple of small decorative pieces on the top shelf that's hard to reach.

I am OCD about many things and figured I would spend hours lining up all the items to ensure their constant conformity to straight lines and distance to each other. Turns out, its not much extra work. At this point I'm the one who unloads the DE into the cab. The organizational quality could change as the little ones get older and help more.

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I also put water glass uppers in my DR beverage service area. Storage is for booze, wine glasses, crystal, champagne glasses, cordial glasses, and martinis.

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We have Reeded glass which we ran vertically. Cherry cabinets, and the interior is finished the same as the exterior. We have all of our stemware in that cabinet. You can see a glimpse of it in this pic ...

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How lovely to see how everyone has arranged their glassware. Thanks for sharing. I think I'm a lot like the OP, and thinking about a little translucence. Just not sure I'm tidy enough. Does anyone have reeded or translucent glass with decorative mullions? I was looking at the double arched light mullions from Contestoga, but I am not sure I am as bold as you ladies. Would just a little translucence look odd with serious mullions?

Here is a link that might be useful: Conestoga's mullion offerings

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I chose no mullions because I would have wanted my shelves lined up even with the mullions and I didn't want to be locked into that layout. I felt it would not look as nice if the shelves were off from the mullions.

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hi crl...

I don't have to be a super organized or neat because I only keep a few pretty pieces and my everyday dishes and glasses in my glass cabinets....These items seem to easily stay "neat" without too much effort IMHO...


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Annie Deighnaugh

Sorry, my pet peeve is muntins which is the wood between panes of glass, not mullions which is the wood between windows.

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I'm going to put everything behind glass--dinnerware, mixing bowls, baking powder, sugar, the whole lot. It's a kitchen.

The only things I don't like seeing are prepared food boxes blazoned with hideous closeups of food on spoons labeled "serving suggestions." Those go in the pantry.

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First, sorry for the humungous photos
Second, beagles.... omg, so beautiful!

Mine glass cabinets are a little different than the others, more utilitarian
this one is coming down in favor of open shelving with iron brackets

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So many lovely pictures! Thank you for sharing and for the input!

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