Induction cookware questions

strayerdarbSeptember 9, 2013

I'm standing in Bed bath and beyond right now. I'm trying to find 2 replacement items for my new induction cooktop. I am noticing that a lot of the manufacturers have a stainless steel plate on the bottom and then the sides of the pan are not magnetic, only the bottom. Some brands are magnetic all over. Does this affect the cooking performance, even heating, etc? Seems like it would, but without buying and trying items, I can't tell.

Also, having trouble finding a non-stick skillet for eggs and grilled cheese sandwiches, maybe one 10 inches and one 12 inches. There are lots of non-stick, but mon magnetic so far.

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strayer - I have induction and make eggs everyday for breakfast and do grilled cheese often. I have found the scanpan CTX (induction capable) and the IKEA induction friendly non-stick to be the best best for both.

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I got my Oneida Artisan non-stick skillet at BB&B in 2012. I like it, and it was not expensive. I also like the non-stick skillets from an Italian company - TVS - that I found at TJ Maxx.

I have both clad-all-the-way and plate-at-the-bottom kinds of pans on my induction. Theoretically, the clad all the way ones should cook better, I suppose, but I honestly don't see a lot of difference. The fully clad ones are a lot heavier.

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We used cast iron for eggs, we love it. My pans are not quite seasoned yet - any tips for that?

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Annie Deighnaugh

I had farberware millenium which are nonstick and induction capable, but they lost their nonstick in only 3 years, so now we're trying the ozeri nonstick which are supposed to not contain any harmful chemicals and which do work with the induction, though I have to use them at a higher temp. They are very nonstick, but the finish is delicate...the edge was already chipped just from the dish drying rack.

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For eggs and sandwiches, I have had great results with Anolon copper and Cusinart Green Gourmet try-ply. I had a long thread on this a while back on the AF, link below.

Also, for anyone shopping, I saw boatloads of Circulon Infinite on sale Saturday at Tuesday Morning.

Here is a link that might be useful: My cookware epistle . . .

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I have some stuff (Circulon) that has the plate welded to the bottom. It works just fine. The only difference from the tri-ply I have is that it takes a little longer to heat up (more thermal mass) and is a bit noisier (difference between the steel and aluminum expansion rates).

I saw some new Calphalon at BBB that is aluminum with a steel bottom. It looked intriguing in that the steel bottom doesn't seem to add extra mass.

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Weedmeister, sorry, do you mean that the cookware with the bottom plate takes longer to heat up and is noisier, or do you mean that the tri-ply takes longer to heat up and is noisier?

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