Pledge multi surface questions....

debrak2008September 17, 2013

I had heard good things about pledge multi surface cleaner. All my supermarket had was pledge multi surface natural so I purchased it. The regular multi surface was sold out.

Well, I don't think this "natural" cleaner is working very well. Is the regular version better?

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I just bought a can of the regular, rainshower scented one. Mainly because i was looking for something for my stainless steel fridge and d/w. I think it works pretty well but I did notice that it works better just to wipe with the grain rather than use small circular motions which is what i was taught by my local appliance guy. The circular motions work better with some of the other types of cleaners like scrubbing bubbles.

Appliance guy told me on stainless that to avoid streaks use circular motions to fill between the grain, then finish with a fresh cloth with the grain.

What are you using your pledge multi surface product on? I haven't used it on much besides the stainless.

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I use it on my granite, mirrors, stove top, a little on my ss hood. Normally I would not use it on my cabinets or floor but just wanted to do a quick wipe of a spill today. It didn't seem to do anything. It did not take finger prints off the ss hood. It does OK on the granite and glass. Not good on the glass top range.

I actually usually clean my ss hood with olive oil and a microfiber cloth always following the grain. It comes out beautiful.

I just wanted the multi for quick cleanups and for the granite since method cleaner changed their formula and its as good.

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Just wanted to update.... I finally bought the "regular" Pledge multi surface and it is much better than the "natural" version.

My kitchen granite feels squeaky clean.

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I use lemon Pledge to shine all painted and chrome parts of my motorcycle. I use SS cleaner on the appliances.......

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