Is there enough support for my newly installed granite?????

coconutlemongrassSeptember 27, 2012

I just had my 3cm granite installed yesterday. I have 3 children and I wanted maximum support for my overhangs since I know someone will eventually do that absolutely forbidden thing of sitting on the edge of the granite. I fear I have ended up with the minimum support and I am not sure it is enough.

My overhangs are 15" from the cabinet. There are 33" between the 2 steel supports shown and those supports end 6" from the granite edge. There is another 33" between the one steel support and the inside cabinet corner (not shown). I have read not to leave more than 24" between supports. I am not comfortable with being "pretty sure its okay." Do I need more supports?? Is 33" too far between supports??

I think my installer would redo the island if I pushed the issue but I am not certain of it. ANY ADVICE?? Thanks!

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Yes, you need more horizontal support and closer spacing for that support. But also, that horizontal support needs to be tied in properly to a sturdy load bearing vertical support---NOT just a thin cabinet back. Is there a pony wall to the rear of those cabinets that is firmly attached to the subfloor and the steel firmly attched to it as well? If not, then your GC is being negligent here.

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Thank you for your help. I believe they installed a 2x2 or 2x4 piece of wood horizontally within the top potion of the cabinet and then screwed it in place, then screwed the 24" metal support from the top. The cabinets are 1/2" plywood box construction, so hopefully that helps as well. The metal supports are about 24" long. I thought they were putting another metal support in the middle of the two shown, but that did not happen. Now they would need to remove the entire slab of granite to install more supports.

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