I'm in love but not sure if I can commit...

Rybren2September 18, 2012

I've fallen in love with this mosaic for our back splash. It is beautiful ($$ too) but I can't commit to installing it everywhere because I am concerned it will be overwhelming in my 15 x 15 kitchen. Instead, I'm planning to do an 18" x 26" feature behind my 30" range with a pencil liner surrounding it as a frame. My question is what should I use for the rest of the back splash? I was thinking of marble subway tiles is either a 2 x 8" or 3 x 6" format. Would a simple white subway tile look ok with the mosaic? I am looking for a less expensive option because the subway tile from the mosaic manufacturer is quite expensive ($33/sq ft).

I am planning on having a polished Antique Brown counter and an island that is Calacatta marble. I will do the area behind the servery in the same tile. Cabinets are BM White Dove. Hardwood floors.


Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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I actually thought about using this same tile, but it turned out to be too intricate a pattern for my cottage galley kitchen. If i were you i would think about tiling the entire wall where the stove is located. It is so beautiful and I think it would take away from its overall effect as a straight shot behind your stove. Perhaps you would use a 1" tile installed on the diagonal on the other wall...sort of pulling out the diamond effect.

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It's beautiful tile, and the rest of your choices are lovely. It's going to be a gorgeous kitchen.

I love antique brown granite and the marble, and I get that you are trying to echo the marble from the island in the decorative element of your bs. But, I'm not so sure Calacatta tile is the most flattering choice to set off the Antique Brown stone it will actually abut. If you really love this tile, I would recommend using it exclusively behind the range. You might want to reconsider the "servery" option.

If you do decide to use the marble/glass mosaic, you might want to consider using a glass subway tile. The one below measures 3" x 6" and is sold for $22 per sf, so a little less expensive than subway tiles from Artistic, but I'm sure you can find it for less if you look for it. It will be vey nice with the counter stone.

If I were choosing a bs that would look great with the granite and marble, I'd possibly pick a Calacatta gold - a marble with more brown/tan in it to compliment the granite. Or I'd go for something like this, also from Artistic.

Whatever you choose, it's going to be lovely. I've made a board for you that gives you an idea of what this will look like both behind the range, and topping the granite.

Here is a link that might be useful: Glass Subway

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Artistic Tile is dangerous, their stuff is too gorgeous!!

I love it! : )

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I love it and your granite, but not together.

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Hey there hobokenkitchen!

Yes, it is a very dangerous place! One backsplash, and one FR/Guest Bedroom/entryway floor later, we know full well just how dangerous! LOL

Stunning tile choices BTW!

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EAM44 - Wow - thanks for the pictures. I am so impressed. It really helps to visualize. You're right when you say I'm trying to tie in the island with the bs. I've taken a pic of the antique brown sample from the slab I picked. You can see it's actually quite dark, almost black. Not too brown at all. Sample is beside, paint will be Revere Pewter, Grey tile is adjoining laundry room floor. All are sitting on the cabinet door paint sample. What do you think with all of the elements together?

Everyone - thanks for the input. Everyone's opinions are so welcome. What a wealth of expertise on GW!!

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Absolutely gorgeous - I wouldn't change a thing. I found calacatta 3" x 6" subway tile for $17.99/sf at the link below if that's helpful. Make sure to let us all know what you decide,and keep us posted with pics!

Here is a link that might be useful: Subway

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