Help! Will Frigidaire units fit 24 inch counter depth?

gracie76September 9, 2013

Hello, I'm looking for advice on the Frigidaire Professional all Fridge and Freezer units. I'm hoping for a somewhat "built-in" look without the price tag but I'm not sure if our current cabinet depth of 24 inches will work. The spec sheet states that the minimum cut out depth should be just over 25 inches. I'm not sure why.

Has anyone installed these two units with their cabinets on either side measuring 24 inches deep? How did it work out; how does it look? In our kitchen, these two units will certainly be noticeable...I just don't want them to look ill fitted, or like a built in that went wrong.

Any experiences or pictures would be highly appreciated.

Many thanks.

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You need 26". That will allow the counter to die into the side panels.

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Okay, thank you. I don't have any counter space beside the units only a wall of cabinets. I'm hoping we can recess the units into the wall then. Thanks for your reply.

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Now sure what your layout is, but to make the fridge look 'built-in' you'll still need the room on either side of the fridge for the matching panels. See pics. Your base cabinets end at 24" so there is enough room to allow the fridge hinge and swing of the doors..

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