mjsee kitchen update! (pics)

mjseeSeptember 20, 2012

Sorry I've been MIA--I'm in mid-reno insanity. Cabinets are in...but we will be getting a new upper and several new doors. Probably week after next. Luckily the cab that was truly problematic was an upper so that didn't disrupt templating for counters.

Electrician is due to come tomorrow and finish the electrical. (Lights, plugmold, etc.)

Counters are, theoretically, scheduled to be installed Tuesday, 9/25. Range comes Thursday, 9/27--assuming counters are in place. Re-do on the cabinets happens whenever that happens--then the backsplash gets put in.

Here's a picture of the kitchen post-demo, pre-floor install:

And with the new floor in place (different angle, sorry!):

Flooring really held us up. I wanted to do Marmoleum--and the flooring store I went to told me that my color choice came in 12 x 12 glue-down tiles...but it didn't. Which meant I either had to do "click" (which I didn't want) or sheet-with-a-seam--which was going to cost almost 5K installed. (Because I'd need to buy almost two rooms worth of sheet to get one floor covered.) For a 12' x 13' kitchen.

SO--I went and found a pre-finished solid hardwood at lumber liquidator's that worked. ON SALE! $1600.00 installed. (I wanted oak to start with, but DH nixed it because he said I'd want to refinish the rest of the house. Well...he was right. But it WILL wait.)

ANYHOO...scrambling for flooring (and then letting the flooring acclimate for a week) set us back a good two weeks. Maybe more,because it threw the timing with the rest of the trades off.

I TOLD my GC it was going to take a good solid two-three months to do this kitchen. I've been hanging out here long enough to know how long a kitchen takes. (I laughed at him when he told me 3 weeks after demo.) Current plan is to get me back in there and cooking October 1...but not calling it "finished" until the replacement cabs/doors are all in place.

I'll try to get pictures of the cabs (in there less than perfect state) and the new refrigerator later today. That refrigerator looks MUCH larger IRL than it did at Sears.

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can't wait to see pictures! congrats! just wondering, as i'm a week or 2 behind you - as the cabinets started to fill up the space, did you every think "boy, did I cram too much stuff into this space"?

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Oh, I had a complete meltdown the day they had the uppers hung and the lowers piled in the middle of the kitchen. As in..."what have I DONE? My cabinets are LOOMING over me! We should NEVER have taken the soffits out. We should NEVER have taken the cabs so close to the ceiling." etc. My sister talked me off the ceiling.

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I am so there! The uppers are going in, the island feels like a football field, I'm thinking "when i have a party, where will the people stand?" OMG the space really fills up quickly!

Did you get used to it and does it feel better?

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I did. I'll get pictures as soon as my camera has re-charged.

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Some sorry pictures...but you get a feel for the cabinets. They WILL have moldings on the uppers. Eventually.

With luck, the counters should go in Tuesday, oven Thursday. We'll see. Ignore the yellow post-it notes. They address cabinet problems. ALL of which my GC assures me will be addressed. A little disheartening, though!

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I'm months behind you, but wanted to say your cabinets look beautiful. I can't wait to see how it looks with counters, etc. Thrilling!

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Well, they got half the counters in, scratched my floor, and one of the counters has a seam I can feel. They couldn't put all the counters in because one of them had a scratch and they had to take it back and polish it.

First world problems, I know...but I was really hoping to come home from work to counters. I think I'll have to slip the oven delivery now...

le sigh.

Luckily I've hung around here long enough to know this too shall pass.

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