Donaleen ? about your corner uppers

autumn.4September 11, 2013

Hi Donaleen-

I have seen your uppers on a couple of threads (most recently your quartz/granite thread).

I am wondering if you have a blind corner up there or if you blocked it off as you did in your lowers?

My KD is desiging something that looks like yours with double doors on either side of the corner but the right cabinet will actually have the blind reach corner.

If you have the blind corner I'm wondering how you like it and what you store there?

Also if you don't mind - what is the width of your doors? I think my doors on the right side will only be 12" wide and I'm thinking that might be small......???

I like the idea of the easy reach corner but it's quite a bit more costly and does detract from the look (here we go into the form v. function) of it.

Thanks for your time!


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I'm not Donaleen . . .
But I do have a blind corner upper cabinet at our main house. I store my casserole dishes in that corner. Like 9x13 pans, roasting pans, etc. They stick out far enough that I can see them sticking out from the corner. In the part that is at the door I store things that are easy to move so that I only have to remove one thing or one stack of things (like mixing bowls stacked) to reach the casserole dishes.

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robo (z6a)

I never seemed to have a problem finding things to shove in the blind corner uppers of my condo kitchen. Extra ramekins, leftover mason jars and special occasion "party" glassware were always popular options, those cocktail plates you pull out twice a year, extra napkins. Of course the whole kitchen was 9x9 so I found things to shove everywhere! I didn't find it was really a huge problem to reach around whatever was in there to get what I needed. We also had a blind corner lower and while it was a tad annoying the same rules applied - the ice cream maker and fondue pot got very comfortable back there.

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Paper towels and napkins. Just grab a corner.

Is the 12" door your access to the blind corner? I have that and it's fine.

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My plan for that side of the kitchen was to put the coffee pot/toaster over there so the uppers would have coffee mugs, creamer, sugar and the like in them. Possibly some kid dishes over there as it's by the fridge.

So I'm not sure how 'safe' it will be for me to reach over the mugs and grab anything really heavy. With the easy reach I was planning on sugar, flour, brown sugar and my baking stuff. I would not want that in a blind corner.

angela-I could put my mixing bowls in there. I will need to re-think things. I have been intrigued by your ultracraft posts though. I am considering checking into those. But at some point I have to just make a choice and move on!

robo-I laughed out loud at that. I am sure there will be a lot of things that want to find their way into the black hole. I was hoping to avoid black holes this time around! ;)

may-Yes, I believe the doors there are 12". So it's a 24" cab with 2 12" doors that buts up to the corner then 24" MW shelf thingy then refrigerator. It's not snug shelf but not quite built in.

Thanks for sharing your experiences, I appreciate it. :)

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