concrete countertop. Pictures and experience?

mudwormSeptember 29, 2011

In the new kitchen we are working on, we'll have a large L shaped perimeter countertop. We'll most likely get granite for it and will leave that to the professionals. However, we are also doing a breakfast bar that is about 60" wide at the widest part. Initially, I thought about doing soapstone just so that we could DIY that part. However, it becomes evident that I'll need built up edges to hide the steel support on the underside. For quite a few days, I have been thinking about using concrete instead for the seamless edges. The books I ordered on concrete countertops have not arrived, but I wonder if GW'ers here have pictures and experience to share. I don't expect many because I only saw it mentioned once in the long thread .

@frmrsdghtr, I hope you don't mind me grabbing your picture from that thread and pasting here. I cannot believe you made marble out of concrete! I love it!!! If you see this post, can you please share more details? What do you mean that it's an overlay? Did you just make a thin shell that sits on top of existing laminate countertop? It does not appear bulky enough for that. Do you have any staining or discoloration problem with such light colored concrete? Got any progress photos too? Did you find any book or website helpful? (Sorry for all the questions.)

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Here is a follow up of that beautiful "marble" concrete countertop

Here is a link that might be useful: concrete countertop link

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Thanks eriepatch for directing me to the other thread. I'll ask questions specific to that countertop there. But hoping to see more photos from other owners. Maybe that IS the only one concrete countertop on GW! It makes me want to do it even more! :)

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This picture was taken before our remodel was finished, sorry for the door on sawhorses as an island!
We love our concrete countertops. We have had them for a few years now. We poured in place so that we would have no seams, but for an island top you could easily do that in a mold. We added Charcoal colored dye into our concrete mix(Quickrete countertop mix) before pouring. We sealed ours with 100% Pure Tung Oil. I wanted a matte look, no shine at all. We have had no issues with staining either. And believe me, we are sloppy! If my teenage son goes to the kitchen for a late night snack the mess will sit there till the next day. Ketchup, mustard, oil from greasy popcorn bags, you name it it gets left! I'm not sure I would leave lemon juice sitting around on much of anything though, it is pretty harsh, but we don't really use much lemon juice any way. We do get a buildup around our faucet from our hard water, but I would get that on granite too. With the concrete I just use some sandpaper and it comes right off.
Just remember, if this is a diy project, concrete is heavy! Have lots of strong guys to help you carry in the countertop.

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I've been considering the concrete countertops for our garage reno (turning into bar / lounge area with a peninsula)

great tips / pics here:

Here is a link that might be useful: Photos of Concrete Countertops

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