Forklift Finds this week!

CEFreemanSeptember 13, 2012

So not much happening that I need. .. However ...

They have palettes and palettes of interior 2x4s anywhere from 7' long to 16' long, roughly $1.75 to $6.74 a piece. Darn! I just don't need interior wood.

They're also unloading a ton of brand new, in the box, kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Some cabinets shop is cleaning house. Evidently we're heading in to the season of donation.

Went to H4H after than (of course) and didn't see too much. They're more furniture and old clothing. However, they had a very large donation from someone using English Walnut Urethane stain, and "Sunbleached" stain! The Sunbleached is the perfect gray stain for my wood aging projects. YEAH!

I bought a case for an exorbitant amount. For H4H, that is. $30.00. In HD or Lowe's? HAHAHHHAHHAHHAHAA!!! What a steal.

The hunt continues...

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Darn it all, don't you know I have papers to grade and exams to write? I can't be driving into DC tomorrow. Ugh. I hate missing out on a good deal, though :(

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Since I posted, I found a use for two, 16' boards. So...I'm going back tomorrow.

There are SO many palettes of these, I doubt they'll disappear in the week, unless a contractor comes by. And the Spanish contractors are all over this place. Smart fellas!

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