Hansgrohe Talis C with Whitehaven sink? other good faucet rec?

homebuyer23September 1, 2013

Really like looks of this faucet. I know its not recommended, but I have no time to go to a showroom to play with them, need to just order one online today that will come fast hopefully!

Loving looks of Talis C, just wondering if anyone has it, esp with Whitehaven sink. I'm reading about some splashing issues in general and I want to avoid that.

Read some reviews that the Talis won't swivel to the side without centering itself right back in place, is that really an issue?

There seem to be 2 models, one has a flow of 2.2 gal/ min and the other is a energy saver lower flow of 1.5/gal per minute.
I usually do not want to be held back from getting as much water as I want at one time so I figured Id def want the 2.2 model, but I'm wondering now if that will come out too hard & the 1.5 would be better to avoid splashing? Wondering if that would be frustratingly slow though?

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I have the Whitehaven, but I went with the Delta trinsic. I chose the delta because of the swivel issues and spray-hold issues I read about here. The Trinsic has a magnet dock, so it stays in tight, and the spray setting stays in spray setting until you change it back to full flow setting.
I've had it for only a few weeks now, but I love it and have received many compliments!

Here is a link that might be useful: Delta Trinsic

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Thanks home4all6! Do you have any splashing issues with the trinsic? Got any pics?? :)

I've considered the trinsic too, I love the looks of if but I'm struggling with some traditional vs contemporary issues right now, finding it hard to commit to a style as I like a lot of contemporary elements but think I have more traditional fixed elements in my home so I ruled out the Trinsic just bc I thought it bordered on being slightly too contemporary...though as far as faucets go I really like that look.

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If I turn it on full power, and hold the dish high up in the flow, it can splash, but I think any faucet would do this? I'm already in the habit of only pulling the lever on partway, which is plenty of force. And at full power, it doesn't splash out of the sink with regular use, just if I put something very high up in the flow. Does that make sense?

I have a very traditional kitchen in an old, traditional house. We put in white inset cabinets, soapstone, very traditional. But I was turned off by the curvy and detailed, intricate faucets. I wanted clean, simple lines. This isn't a modern faucet in my eyes, it's just simple, basic lines. No frills. Easy to use, easy to clean. Does its job without trying to be the star. I was slightly worried about it for the reasons you mentioned, but I'm so glad I made this choice :)

I don't have any pics yet, but I'l try to take some.

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I have had the Talis C for 18 months with an ordinary, deep, single-bowl, stainless undermount sink.

I didn't know it wasn't recommended. By whom?

Splashing? Well, at first there was an adjustment to the deep sink and the high arc. You can splash if you have a spoon sitting in the sink and the water flow hits it. We've all had that happen. There is a sweet spot for entering the flow of water that doesn't cause splashing. I don't splash anymore and I don't have to think about it.

I have never had a swiveling problem. I just tested it. When I swivel it to the extreme right or left and let it go, it does move maybe an inch back toward center. That's it. My drain is smack dab in the center of my sink (which I don't mind), but I often have two things going on in my sink so I frequently move it to one side or the other and it stays put.

I don't know if mine has the higher or lower pressure output. I suspect the lower and it works fine for me.

There is a magnet for docking the hose back in tight.

The sprayer stays on until you turn the faucet off, i.e., you do not have to keep pressing the spray button. I would actually prefer it being a toggle on/off switch, so that when I want a regular stream rather than a spray I don't have to turn it off, then on again. I use the sprayer all the time for whooshing everything down the drain since I have a grid at the bottom.

Haha, I just looked over at my faucet and it is still obediently off-center in the left-hand part of my sink.

I would prefer the handle in the front, so that when I hold things in my right hand (I'm right-handed) I don't have to reach over with my left to adjust the flow or temp. Also, less drips on the counter.

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How does it compare to the HansGrohe metro? It's currently 149.00 at Costco.

Here is a link that might be useful: Metro

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I like the look of the Metro over the Talis C, and it's $350 less. The Talis C flares a bit at the end and next time I'd get something that doesn't.

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I had the Metro in my last kitchen, liked it, and installed it in my current kitchen. The only problem I have with it is that the sprayer end doesn't always stay completely attached, it tends to slide down just a little from the stationary part of the faucet. From the reviews on Costco it looks like others had this problem as well.

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Linelle, Sorry I meant its not recommended to buy a faucet without visiting a showroom first to see them in person! Not that the Hansgrohe faucet isn't recommended. Thanks so much for detailing your experience w the faucet. Sounds like I'd be perfectly happy with it, but theres a few things that might take some getting used to.

Home4all6, glad to hear that you think the delta fits in nicely w/ your traditional kitchen, I'm sure it looks great! I'm concerned because I seem to be picking some very traditional elements (white beaded inset cabs, Whitehaven sink) and some rather contemporary ones (almost solid gray quartz counters). I'm now feeling like my next 2 decisions, faucet, and more so, hardware, will tip the scales in one direction - traditional or contemporary, and I cant really decide what I want the overall style to be!

oh my gosh, I am so sick of making decisions!!!!!!!

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