Ending Backsplash - what kind of bullnose

Ellen1234September 5, 2013


I will have 3"x6" subway tiles for my backsplash, and above the 3rd tile, I will have an accent strip of long/thin mosaic tile (3 tiles high, which is also used for the entire area behind the hood, up to the ceiling). Then more subway above the accent strip.

Now, I have 3 areas where the backsplash will end w/o butting against anything. I'm debating whether I should go with 2"x6" bullnose tile placed vertically along the edges, or whether I should get the 3"x6" tile with the bullnose on the 3" side (in which case the accent strip would just end, or I could use a small subway bullnose piece to end the accent strip??).

The tile installer suggested the 2"x6".

Anyone else have a similar situation? What did you do? Pictures??


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Hey! Here is mine, I think that is what your contractor was talking about. This isn't the best puc but you get the idea.

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@Nini804, I really like your counters and backsplash. Do you have any more pictures of your kitchen? It looks like what I am trying to go for.

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Lol, I do...I have probably posted my kitchen so much GW is sick of it! :) Here's a couple from when we just moved in, no WTs or art on walls...but you can see the important elements!

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This is the umpteenth time I've seen your kitchen and, um, no....not sick of it yet! BTW, I forget, what brand range is that?

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