Looking for whitewashed brick backspash

Niki FriedmanSeptember 1, 2014

DH and I have finally compromised on a backsplash but now can't find it anywhere! I wanted a shiny white subway with dark grout. Was willing to do a penny tile with dark grout but it's the shiny white with the dark grout that he doesn't like in any shape or form.

We both like a distressed brick look- something like this though prob less color (more of a white-wash). Any idea where I can get it? I saw tons of irregular stone backsplashes but nothing like brick.


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There are tile companies that make what they call "painted brick" tiles. Fireclay and Dunis Studios both make them. Dunis will do custom glazes if there is not enough "show through" for you. Fireclay may also, although I am not sure.

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Niki Friedman

Thank you thank you!!!! The Dunis is perfect and it's sold locally!!! Can't wait to check it out!

Is this an expensive backsplash? I had budgeted very little because I was just planning to do a white subway tile. Oh well :( Will have to cut somewhere else. DH suggests I abandon my farmhouse sink for the free one we'll get with our marble counter purchase :(

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Shari D.

If you haven't found what you like yet. I am also doing a whitewashed brick backsplash and I found a local company that carries Hanson Brick veneers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hanson Brick

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Niki Friedman

Thank you huntingflower! Which one are you going with? I didn't see anything whitewashed enough for us. Do they do custom treatments like Dunis? Can I ask if your backsplash choice is on the expensive side? Like I said, we budgeted very little for backsplash because I thought we were doing subway tile.

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Shari D.

I haven't looked at them yet. Just found the site this weekend and planning a visit on Wednesday. I have to get a sample of the granite we are purchasing and compare it to several before we make any final decisions. I had also seen some on homedepot.com but I would have to order before even seeing as they do not carry in store. Plus being in Canada (and it not being available on the Canadian website) returns would be more of a pain if we didn't like it.

Don't believe they do custom treatments like Dunis as it is real brick that is cut into thin veneers not regular tile. but they have four collections with various colours in each. Lots of whitish shades.

home depot ones are on the cheap side and on a webbing which would make it a breeze to install. but I think are to pinkish in colour for my liking. They do have other colours available too but nothing that interested me.

Hoping that I can find something we love and at a good price. I have two walls to cover from counter to ceiling.

Here is a link that might be useful: HD Brick

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Niki Friedman

Thanks so much! Keep us posted as to what you choose. I'm going to try to stop in and pick up some Dunis samples because I'm headed to look at marble tomorrow.

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There are matte finish subway tiles, too. If shiny is the problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: example white matte finish subway

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Niki Friedman

Thanks beauty. Unfortunately DH doesn't like the subway tiles because they remind him of a subway station ;) He's a born and bred Manhattanite and doesn't want to be reminded of a "dirty subway station" when he walks into his new kitchen.

The brick is a good compromise as long as it's affordable. We shall see!

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Niki Friedman

Hunting flower- did you like the Hanson brick? Our local place no longer stocks Dunis :(

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Shari D.

I went to the one local place and they said that Hanson does not sell it. Told them that they did on their website and they checked and said that it must be their American factory because they ordered their bricks from the Canadian one. (Canada here) They didn't seem to keen on finding out if they could order it so I am looking elsewhere. Don't want to do business with people who make it a hassle. BUT they did have Hanson samples there that are used in their thin brick line and it does look really nice. If you can find them in your area then it would be worth the look

I have someone from Montreal sending me a couple of bricks and if I like them I will be ordering from them. Still looking though. So much out there and hard to decide!

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Niki Friedman

Ok- I'm on a mission to find this brick!!!!!! I'm so sorry that it's not available in Canada. Really hope that you can find something comparable.

I'm no DIY, but I have visions of myself sponge painting a basic brick backsplash to make it perfect. Totally nutty?

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Niki Friedman

Having lots of trouble finding Dunis around here and I'm quite worried about the cost. Hansen is also giving me trouble.

I found this company online and I'm ordering two samples- Antico Elements.


They are made of high-density polyurethane and can be fire protected. They make two white veneers and I ordered samples of each.
Villa white

or Antico

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Niki Friedman

Have to add that the manufacturer recommends a 12" clearance from any flame so this probably won't work for us because I want the backsplash right behind the cooktop :(

I bet I end up doing my own finish on a standard veneer. Seems like the most economical way to get the look we want!

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Shari D.

I have contemplated that too. I have watched people white wash them on youtube.com and some turn out okay and some don't look so good. Might end up giving it a try though.

I was going to say that the Antico was perfect! But yeah it has to be able to go behind the stove so it wont work :(

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