Decorative Brackets under Uppers- How many?

2LittleFishiesSeptember 17, 2012

I asked KD to add in some brackets (corbels?) as I loved the look in katieob's kitchen as well as from some magazines...

He put in 6 but I think it's too many and not sure if I like it. When we spoke he said 4. One on either side of the sink window, One by side door to outside on hood wall, and One at left end of baking

Like I said, in the drawer there are 6 and may be overkill? I'm even wondering if the four I listed above are good or if I should just stick to the 2 around the sink window... What do you think?




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I would just do two and put them on either side of the sink window. You already have two under your vent flanking your stove. Then to put one on the range wall by the door is overkill (IMHO) and throws off the symmetry and weight of the range wall. I'm not a fan of having them butting up against a wall which is how you have it on your baking area. But that's just me.

By just doing the two sets they are doing the same function - one set is flanking the range and the other set is flanking the window - sort of framing and showing off those two areas which are nicely designed.

Would you have them be the same design as the ones under the vent but just narrower?

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blfenton- thanks, I'm thinking the same thing. I also don't like them against wall. I did think the original 4 mentioned might be good, but having one by the side door does throw the hood off maybe.

Yes, they would be same design... just narrower.

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Fishies- You've got so much going on in the kitchen...I don't know that I'd use them, at all.

What about over on the dining room side? Would they dress up your cabinets, on each side of the banquette?

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hi lavender-
I don't think I can use them in the dining room. I'll think about around the sink or not. Thanks and hope things are improving for you-

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Thanks, Fishies :)

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If you decide to use them I would make sure you are consistent. If one cabinet has two then for balance sake I think the others should as well on the corresponding cabinet. I personally prefer having only the two on either side of the sink ( that is what I am doing).

I think on the range wall the corbels for the hood are enough. Having the brackets in addition is too much IMHO. My eye is bothered by the two under the cabinet on the right of the sink and then only one on the left cabinet. I think on the baking center wall they are balanced but with one of them next to the ovens I think it may go unnoticed.

It is really a lovely kitchen and I cannot wait to see it when it is done!

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p.ball2- thanks for your post. I'm thinking just the sink or perhaps not using them at all. I don't think they are really adding much in the other spots and don't want to stick them in just b/c I like them.

I really am so anxious at this point that I'm starting to second guess everything. I just need this to be done! lol : )

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None would be my vote. The best use of decorative brackets is on a hutch type cabinet to make it appear to be more of a freestanding piece of furniture. The only cabinet where that might work is your plate rack cabinet if you did it in an accent color, changed the depth and height, and did the brackets in an accent color

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I vote none, too. Stop veering into 1920 on your way to updating 1950.

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Thanks everyone! It sounded like fun until I saw it on paper. Didn't love it. So consider them gone! : )

marcolo- OK, OK! I'm so confused about the differences. I'd love to see some 1950 kitchens : ) (probably a bit late for that???) Have a great night!

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