Cabico? Holiday? Dynasty?

maggiebkitSeptember 20, 2011

Orignally got quote for dynasty cabinets, then when contractors came through for quotes I heard the words "over priced" and "unecessary" a lot. Now I feel like the only decision we had made is up in the air again. One guy recommended Cabico and another Holiday. I'm totally confused and nothing really turns up in a search. Anyone have any experience with these brands? How do they compare to a good quality cabinet? confused again, sigh...


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I have heard good things about Cabico, but I have not priced them yet. They are made in Canada. The displays I have seen are very nice. Their website does not do them justice. I don't see clear rhyme or reason with cabinet pricing. I think this is something you really have to shop around for. Good luck!

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Two years ago I got quotes from
Medallion gold
Plain & Fancy
Crown Point

The least expensive was Cabico which I have. I would have loved Crown Point but couldn't justify the price with our whole house renovation. Cabico was great to work with and my contractor thought they were much more expensive than what I paid. He believed they were high quality and easy to install. My only complaint and I think it's more the type of wood I chose (and would have this issue with anyone) is that my cherry cabinets are much more softer than my old maple ones and show the scratches and dings. I can't believe how rough my family is on the cabinets. Good luck.

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Maggie, are you in or near the midwest?

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If you are looking at a painted finish, I would NOT go with Holiday. I got white painted shaker Holiday cabinets (maple doors). The seams on the panels around the doors and drawer fronts (stiles?) starting splitting almost immediately. These weren't just thin lines, they were jagged and thick enough to stick a fingernail in some places.

Besides this, there were bad pieces of wood in the stiles and mars on the doors themselves.

The walnut doors and drawer fronts on my island were better - no splitting issues, but there was some wood quality issues in the doors.

Overall, I was very dissatisfied with the quality of the doors. My KD is replacing all of my door and drawer fronts with ones from Downsview.


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dilly_ny - Thanks! I've made some appointments to get different quotes. I guess the process is just taking longer than I thought it would.

bostonpam - Glad I am not the only one who is looking/looked at a lot of cabinet lines. Glad to hear you are happy with cabico, thanks!

westsider40-no, midatlantic area

michiganrachel- I'm sorry about your cabs, glad the kitchen designer is fixing the problem for you. Thank You for the inofrmation though! We are doing painted, so I appreciate knowing the problems you had. Hope it all works out!

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I have just installed Cabico cabinets in a painted finish. I love them ! Cabico has also been great to deal with in replacing an upper cabinet that was sent incorrectly. My cabinets have been installed for about 6 weeks now so I certainly can't speak to their long term durability but any research I did was all positive.

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Maggiebkit - I thought it was just me having problems trying to get cabinet prices. I don't know how shops expect to sell cabinets if they can't even give you a price. It has taken months to get a price from some places.... I am waiting for a permit from my town, so I have shopped around alot. The dealer near me who sells Cabico priced another line I originally eyed in the shop, but it took over 3 months to get a price, so I hesitate to go back there.

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I just ordered Dynasty in natural maple. My contractor deals with 2 cabinet places and he recommended Merillat Classic. They were $1500 cheaper than Dynasty, but I felt they were slapped together since you could get them in 10 days, plus not as many options. the other cabinet place also priced Medallion....they were about the same price but Dynasty was on sale and he said Dynasty was a better cabinet. I've got my fingers crossed but I know they will be a million times better than my 27 year old builder's junk! I can't wait! Now I'm agonizing over countertop! Good luck!

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I have a mix of Omega Dynasty & Omega Custom in my kitchen and love them! If I ever do another kitchen, they are definitely the top contender for cabinets!

However, I have stained wood, not painted, so I cannot speak to their painted cabinets.

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I don't know about the Holiday and Dynasty cabinets. But when I was shopping for cabinets, I really liked the Cabico cabinets. The dealer I worked with was very good and I liked that the cabinets were fully custom. I had narrowed it down to Cabico and two local cabinet makers. Cabico was the cheapest of the three. But one of the deciding factors was that I didn't hear good things about the Ferrari hinges that they used. I think if you check around, Ikea used to use Ferrari hinges, but dumped them due to quality issues.

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You guys are so helpful!

Thanks muskokascp! I'm so glad you love your cabinets!! May I ask what color and what percent sheen you got? (I'm wondering if 35% would be too shiny)

dilly_ny-I know! I've given up getting the reno done by the end of 2011, now I just hope we can start in 2012!

Thanks joaniepoanie! I'm sure you'll love your new cabinets

Buehl-glad you are happy with your choice, thank you.

Thanks for the information jscout. I'll have to look into the hinges.

This site is a great wealth of info, thanks again everyone!

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You're welcome. Just a little more info on the hinges. Most people assume that since Blum drawer slides are being used, the hinges are also Blum. Not true! That's what I thought at first until I started talking to people. One of the vendors I looked at gave me the tip to ask about hinges separately.

The Cabico dealer talked about Blum this and Blum that but never talked about Blum hinges. When I asked about the hinges, he then disclosed that they were Ferrari. Nothing good or bad was said by him, just a disclosure. A little bit of research and they are anything but like the fine sports cars that share the same name.

Another good brand of hinges is Salice. Depending on who you ask, they're on a par with Blum but usually cost less. For drawer slides, Hettich is also up there with Blum. So if you hear either of those instead of Blum, you don't need to worry about the quality.

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Dynasty cabinets are on sale month of October. Not sure of the particulars but my cabinet guy was about to order them last week when he found out a better sale starts this Monday. Haven't been able to determine yet how much more I'm saving, and the Omega/Dynasty website just steers you to a dealer.

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Has anyone gotten cabico cabs in stained cherry? The sample doors we received were terrible and now we are afraid to move forward with ordering Cabico but I am exhausted from all the kitchen product shopping and don't want to start all over again.

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