Would you worry about the shape of this sink?

SarinaSeptember 24, 2013

I want to do this Blanco wave . It has the double bowl I like . It is very large on the one side . Has nice rear drain placement. I have a 48 inch sink base cabinet in the house we bought. It is huge. The thing I think about though is the shape of this sink will it be hard to replace if it ever failed in anyway with another sink? I know if an undermount fails in anyway which I am hoping is rare I would have to do over mount. Would it be hard to cover this hole with the odd shape with another sink? I will post a picture of the specs of the sink.

Here is a link that might be useful: Spec page for Blanco Wave

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Would it be hard to replace if it fails? Maybe. Would I worry about it - not a chance. I had the similarly shaped Franke Orca in my last house and I loved it. Never even entered my mind that it might have to be replaced in the future. I worry about a lot of things, but a failing undermount sink isn't one of them :-)

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Thank you very much makes me feel better :) I love this sink and since I have that big cabinet would be silly I think not to go for it. Most other sinks I have seen that I like are very deep once undermounted I do not want a 10 inch depth once under. This sink comes in a 10- 7 and a 8 7 I am going for the 8- 7 so it will be 9- 8 once under the granite .

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I'll take it a step further - I jammed a similar Franke into a 36" base when it calls for 39" minimum. The ends rest on the side panels. Replacement would mean removal of the counter. I just don't see replacement being an issue short of driving a nail through it, so I stopped worrying about it.

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I'd have to agree. Have you had an experience with a sink failing? Or, know someone who has? If it's installed properly, it seems like an unlikely occurrence.

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They can get kind of crummy looking years out. Buy two? lol

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I have a similarly shaped sink and I love it! I don't worry about it at all. Personally, I do not think they "get kind of crummy looking years out" - mine is almost 6 years old and still looks great!

Some people don't like SS sinks and don't like the patina they develop over time, but others are fine with it. With a satin finish, you won't even notice scratches, etc.

All materials develop a patina of some sort over time - so I wouldn't sweat that part of it at all!

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I meant 15, 20 years. I consider stone counters to be forever. I had an old SS that came with a house and it was not very appealing! They also can get dents, which I've seen a number of times.

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True in that many years they can start to show their age . I thought though that you could only do under mount once and if something happened and you had to replace it that it then had to be over mount? Am I incorrect in this ? Buehl is your sink a Blanco ? In 20 years we will sell house to downsize so not to worried about getting two .If I was younger though I probably would do that lol. I think I was worried about sink and countertop failure from article I read on web about it. One thing they said is make sure ( this was written in 2007 ) you get a stainless steel rod or a fiberglass rod if they rod the sink as the mild steel they called it will rust and they have then seen the rust take on a life of its own and swell and bust the rod causing the sink and counter to fail. So I guess I shall not worry about it and go for the sink I really like :) I am a worry wart by nature it is a curse:)

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No, ours is a Ticor S405D. I don't think it's as big as yours, but it's big enough for us.

The larger bowl fits all our pots, pans, cookie sheets, etc. flat in the sink - including handles.

The smaller sink fits all but our largest stock pot if we need to put it in the sink to fill. It's also small enough that if we want to soak silverware, etc., we can do so w/o having to fill a big sink.

We don't like dish pans/bins - mostly b/c we don't have room to store them when not in use - so a single-bowl sink was not for us even though we also have a prep sink (but that's MY sink!)

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Nice :)

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