Finally Found A Small Table/Chairs

LaurieSeptember 4, 2012

I've been looking for nearly 2 years for a small table/chairs for the nook area in my kitchen. I recently thought about doing a banquette but realized by the time I had one built, and a table, and added chairs I really just couldn't afford it.

Finding something I liked has been seriously difficult. The kitchen is sort of got a Craftsman vibe, and the house is a combo of Craftsmand/Victorian - but I really didn't want anything too heavy looking, and the area really has some egress issues to boot.

Anyway I was in Value City Furniture this weekend (I've purchased there before) and they had this nice sized set of 4 chairs and a 40" (it said 42" in the store but the website says 40") table called "Nola". I liked the veneer top, the wrought iron details, there is some burnished copper/ORB detailing at the top of the chairs which matches my cabinet pulls and, the seat cushion colors go well enough with my slate floor and wall color (hard to tell in the photo).

$400. Sold.

Even if it doesn't last too many years, for that price I'm thrilled. It's only my BF and I there, and we won't be sitting at it that much. As long as we can manage not to ding up the top too much I think it will work out fine (I'll buy place mats for sure).

Now I'm just hoping I have enough room in the corner there once I put the table down to maybe get a little baker's rack or something. It needs some filler there. I have a couple of leftover cabinets from the renovation, but I somehow don't envision those working.

Oh and I REALLY need to do something about these darn temporary paper shades already :O

Many thanks to everyone who had input for me about how to handle this little area. Perhaps down the road I'll be able to afford to really do it properly but on the cheap, this will work for now :)

This is the area the table will go in:

You can see how difficult it is to fit a table here, between the patio door, and the dining room entrance on the other side, and needing to leave room to open the oven door. Not a lot of space to walk around here!

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Perfect!!! :-)

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Thanks Catmom! I'm going to have to push myself to stop cluttering up the table with paper now though lol. And figure out someplace else to dump the recycling overages. I have a bin for them in one of the cabinets, but we currently keep another large bin under the table out of laziness since the garage is detached, who wants to go out there all the time to discard everything? Guess we'll have to just suck it up now :P

And hopefully not trip over the cats auto-feeder too!

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Love it!!

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It's beautiful! And perfect for your space (which is also very pretty).

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Thanks again! It's one of the few things I was second guessing myself about so it's good to hear other's liking the set :)

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Oh. My. Goodness. Irony of all ironies... I bought a small table/chair set from Value City Furniture in 2001. We just finished up with our kitchen reno and have a peninsula seating area now, so I am getting rid of it. I wanted to tell you that I think my set is the "grandpa" to your set, and let me tell you, it has worn SO well. I don't even want to get rid of it, but have no space. I have moved SIX times and had TWO children since I bought the table. My kids are 2 and 5 and we use the table all the time with no special covering and it still looks great. I wound up putting my set on craigslist this weekend, and it sold immediately. Seriously, funny. There's a pic in the craigslist listing so you can see that it is sorta the same kind of set. (Oh and I paid 399 for this table and chairs in 2001).
I know I am going on and on, but i just LOVED the table and thought it lasted so much better than much of my other furniture. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: My table

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Wow that IS funny! I love that your's has no upholstery. I would have preferred that. I'm a bit worried about my cat taking a liking to them - but so far he's never sat in the chairs in the kitchen so I think I'll be lucky. On the other hand, we've never eaten a meal in the kitchen, so maybe not :P

I was scouring Craig's List all this time for that matter. Just never saw a thing there either. Too bad we are in NJ. I would have scooped that up in a heartbeat!

It's good to hear it's worn well also. I'll tell you too, I purchased a dining room set with a buffet from them a long time ago, while I was married. Really lovely, sort of French Provincial, but not overwrought. My ex got to keep that (darn) but even after 8 years and lots of use it also looked perfect. I don't know all the brands they stock - but it seems they do tend to carry some pretty decent ones, and they run good sales too.

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I hope it fits. Very pretty.

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