Install vinyl plank flooring under cabinets?

CamGSeptember 9, 2013

We are nearing completion of our house, but the cabinets are on backorder. I am going to install the vinyl plank flooring in the kitchen and much of the main floor. During this delay, the builder has suggested I lay this before the cabinets, and then set the cabinets on top of it. Certainly this would be easier than trimming around cabinets and the island. The vinyl planks are apparently extremely durable, so I'm not terribly concerned about them getting damaged. And I suppose if we change flooring in the future and I need to rip out the stuff, I could always just cut the vinyl right at the toe kick. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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Nevermind, apparently this would void the warranty.

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I see you learned not to, our install goes the day after tomorrow, November 7th. We are using Tarkett Transcend. For the entire main living area, kitchen, den, dining room, 1/2 bath and entry foyer.

My GC and everyone says "good luck on that". But I know its the right thing to do........isn't it?

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Setting your cabinets on top of the flooring would void the warranty?

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We are using a glue down Mannington vinyl in an office remodel on a slab. Our cabinets will go over the vinyl.

This thread scared me so I called my flooring company just now. She said that the cabinets should go over the flooring as planned unless it is a floating floor which ours is not.

She told me Tarkett Transcend is a floating floor. Do not put cabinets over this.

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