Poof! Marble etches gone! (pics)

niffySeptember 5, 2010

I have mentioned before that with our honed marble, I am able to remove etches with a green Scotchbrite pad (the plain, thin pad, not the back side of a sponge). Last night my daughter got lemonade on the marble and it etched, so I decided it was an opportunity for a "demo." Hopefully this will be helpful to people (like me!) who hesitate about marble due to the etching issues. The general consensus seems to be that the sealers prevent stainining (ours does) but that etching remains an issue that you have to be able to live with. I don't live with them - I remove them. Voila!

Below you should be able to spot 2 circular etches, with the second one being far fainter, just above the first.

I used a little spray of granite cleaner and my green Scotchbrite pad and... gone.

I am a 100% happy marble owner:)

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Wow. Impressive! I am in the midst of deciding on countertops and that very fact has kept marble on the back burner. My good friend just showed me the etches in her butlers pantry. I am texting her right now to let her know this trick. Thank You!

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Alexina Properties

That is awesome! When I finally get to remodel I want either marble or white granite, but preferably marble though. We have marble in our master bathroom and it has held up lovely. I can not wait to show dh, thanks for sharing!

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Wow, thanks for sharing!
So, did you use a wet scotchbrite or dry?

Some people recommend using a fine grit sandpaper, scotchbrite sounds less scary.

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Really cool.. mine is etched like crazy... must you reseal on top of what you scotchbrite rubbed or does the sealer penetrate deep enough that you dont have to do that? I got my marble in May.. started using it in June. do you think every 6 months is good for rubbing sealer in?

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rookie, I just spritz the area with granite cleaner and use a dry scotchbrite in a circular motion. i saw your comments in the other thread -thanks for the compliments! yours has turned out beautifully!!!

ajard, I have not resealed yet, as I don't feel like the etch removal is going deep enough to remove all the sealer that got sucked in. believe me, we have a TON of sealer on our tops.... I plan to reseal when water stops beading up well on the counters.they were thirsty, so we just kept applying. we used stt sealers, which can last a couple of years I believe. we shall see.

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Wow - I will have to file this tip away as I am planning on getting honed marble for my new kitchen (building a house).

I wonder if Mr. Clean magic erasers would work well - they seem to be one of the gentlest abrasive sponge like materials I have encountered.

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I am still in the stage of deciding whether or not I should care about etching. It might be easier for me to just flaunt my patina with attitude, but who doesn't love a "like new again" option :)

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I had family here tonight and I was discussing it with them... I have etches EVERYWHERE... so I think I am taking hte just "flaunt my patina" approach at this point ...I think I missed the boat is trying to maintain an etch free honed marble counter.. I think if you are going to use these remedys you need to do it from the start and do each etch as they appear..

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Great tip and since I have a sample of sealed honed carrera at home right now and this was a perfect time to try this out.

I set down a wine glass with red wine around the bottom of it and a big blob of ketchup beside it. Left them for 30 mins and as expected there were pretty good etch marks. I waited 3 days and tried the scotchbrite pad. I did it dry as I don't have any marble cleaner on hand. Easy peasy the etch marks were gone!

My DH thought I was a bit nutty doing the happy dance but he just doesn't GET it. Made my day.

Thanks niffy this makes the marble choice so much less stressful.
As an aside if you go to the Danby marble site -www.vermontquarries.com and scroll down to select documents there is an article about using comet and a scotchbrite pad to remove etching. Seems they use the comet on the marble before it is sealed and then use comet and the pad to clean any etches after. Not sure why they preclean it with comet first though. I may try just the comet and pad next..

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I tired it on my lt walnut/lt noce travertine floor tile in the guest bathroom--it had lots of etch marks (dripped bathroom cleaner or water mixed with bathroom cleaner). Got most of them either completely or mostly out using the green Scotchbrite pad w/ and w/out cleaner spray. I am quite happy about that!!!

Thanks so much for passing along this tip!!!!!!!!!! :-)

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I saw this message just days after a major stain was found on my new marble counters. A large square vase had left a large, square rusty colored stain in a prominent place on my counter. Soap and water didn't remove it, nor did the marble cleaner I had on hand. Now I don't recommend this as I have read it is a no no, but I used the tiniest amount of soft scrub with bleach and scrubbed gently with a washcloth. The stain came right out and no etch mark was left. Just thought I would share.
Thanks for this tip. I'm going to look for the scotchbrite next time I'm at the store and try it on some etches. Can someone post a photo of this pad so I can make sure I get the right one? Thanks.

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I think this is the one being discussed.

Would one of you be willing to test the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser? I too wonder how that would compare to the Scotchbrite.

Thanks for a great thread!

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NO FREAKING WAY! ARE YOU SERIOUS! Thats pretty darn cool and opens up a whole other family of stone I wasn't considering for my kitchen reno. Thanks.


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jeri, that is indeed the correct pad!
I'm not sure how Mr. Clean would work.... it might not be abrasive enough. The green scrubby seems to be more like sandpaper, which would be another alternative I have yet to try (plus it is harder to deal with wet sandpaper than a wet scotchbrite).

So glad this has been helpful for people- get marble everyone!

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Can I use this process on my super white leathered quartzite and should I do it immediately?

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collins design

Hey folks. I don't want to be the party pooper.... but just wanted to let you know that this did not work on my honed carrara. I think that it has to do with the various honing techniques. Some slabs come honed from the distributor, some are honed by the fabricator using chemicals, some by mechanical techniques. (At least this is my understanding.) Mine came honed from Italy; and it has an ever-so-slightly shiny surface to it. The green pad + Method Daily Granite not only didn't remove the etch marks, but created a noticeable scuffed area. I started light, and increased the scrubbing because the etch marks weren't being diminished at all... now, i hate to say it, but it looks worse. It's not a huge deal... I'm OK with my patina'd marble, but just thought I'd warn you. Also, I'll definitely need to reseal. Water no longer beads up immediately on that area. I use Miracle 511 Porous Plus.

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I have Arabescato Comm marble honed with a dry treatment added by the fabricator and then sealed at the install. Magic eraser doesn't work. I have pretty much etch free counters. In another thread, someone suggested Barkeeper's Friend with a soft scrub pad. I tried this and the ring marks left by liquor bottles and water spots came right off. I followed it up with 409 Stone and Granite cleaner and it looks perfect. Someone else cautioned the use of BKF, but I'm so excited that it worked, thought I would share. I can leave wine and coffee on my counters for a pretty long time and it just wipes off. I don't know if that is due to the honing, dry treatment, sealing or a combination of all three.

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MTV20, is quartzite the same thing as quartz? If so, did not realize quartz etched. This thread is really making me reconsider marble. Are there any other quirks with marble that one should know about? Are the edges more prone to chipping than quartz for instance?

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Doesn't that create a flat, dull spot? I know marble isn't as shiny as granite, but wouldn't the roughness also remove the sealer? Just wondering.

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Thank you for the great report.
Two questions:
1. What kind of Marble do you have?
2. Which sealer and Granite cleaner did you use?
I have honed Danby marble and have used the Comet and Scotvhbrite pad with success; however, the fabricator did not put layers of sealer on the marble.


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Bump! - hoping Niffy is around

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I'm hoping someone will come up with a solution for Emperdor Dark marble (my MBR) where my cat jumped up to drink his water out of his faucuet. Well, fat-butt miscalculated and missed, so he scrabbled his claws on the marble. He indignantly walked away in a huff, showing me who's who and drinking out of my iced tea instead.

Who knew a cat could scratch marble? Thank goodness it's a dark marble with a lot of motion to it, because they don't show. I can feel 3 scratches with my finger. I'm thinking filler someday...?

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I'm not exactly sure what the question is here but I'll give my experience so far with my HONED Imperial Danby marble.

It etches, of course. It doesn't bother me much because they seem to blend in after a while. However, if I get a really distinct glass mark in a noticeable spot (we get lots of sun on our marble), I do use a green scrubby and kind of blend the edges. Yes, in an answer to someone else's question that area does get a bit duller than the rest- but it isn't that noticeable and you have to use a light hand. Even honed marble has a BIT of a shine but after regular use I think it gets less and less so. If you use a green scrubby or Comet the whole thing (which I think is something Vermont Danby website recommends) and then seal it it makes further etches/scrubby repairs less noticeable. (I did not do this.)

Anyway, my marble is sealed with DuPont Bulletproof Sealer.

If you use a scrubby or comet YES IT WILL REMOVE SOME/ALL of your sealer. (I don't know the specifics) so you'd have to re-seal from time to time- perhaps more often than normally recommended?

I was a bit worried about getting marble at first and then after months of looking for an alternative- I never did find one! I LOVED the marble so much I decided I didn't care if it etched or not! Over a year later, it is still one of my favorite things in the kitchen and I'd never get rid of it! : )

AND, I barely have any etches & NO stains. I do have a walnut island though and that's where I do all of my prep. Also I keep an 18" square imperial danby marble tile to the left of my sink b/c that is where I was getting the most etches from dirty glasses and dishes. That tile is very etched which I don't care of course : )

Oh, I also have 2 clear acrylic placemat type things-- one on either side of the cooktop⦠They are hard- not flexible ones.

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