Blanco Precis Cascade

mydgtdSeptember 13, 2013

Hi, For anyone that has this sink-- how do you use the two bowls? Is the smaller bowl large enough to act as a drainer for pots and pans? Do you still need an on the counter drainboard for hand washed items? What else do you use it for? I am looking to eliminate my "on the counter" dish drainer as it takes up so much space, and I am limited to a smaller sink configuration.

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I just got this sink and it's functional.

Yes, you can put glasses, small bowls and a small frying pan to drain in the side rack. It won't fit large items. No, I no longer need a counter drainboard but most of my prior hand washables now go in the DW for a short express or china load. You can wash cookie sheets in it, but one side will lay higher than the other if rectangular, while washing (i.e., not flat like my old rectangular SS).

I put this sink in a 33" base. It's a great sink. The Blanco Culina faucet works superbly with it: you don't have to remove it from the magnet to fill items, and the splash point is just in front of the drain, so water goes back without problems.

Good luck.

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