Another ? on where to run the backsplash

sstrazisarSeptember 22, 2013

I'm attaching 2 pictures of my range and DW wall layout (one will be right side up for you!) Please forgive my poor was not my strong subject. :) Could I get advice on where to run the backsplash? I could use my granite (honed antique brown) behind the sink and/or as a ledge on my half wall. The ledge is currently wood that matches the trim in the rest of the house, but a granite ledge would be wider and extend into the living room. I know I don't want a granite splash anywhere else. Not sure where to end the backsplash on the range wall? Up to the cabinets, but how far over? Or just behind the range? The backsplash I'm considering is matte Heath their subtle variation! BTW, cabinets are ordered, so I can't change the layout. Thanks!

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And the other

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If the skinny bit of wall next to the mud room doorway is in question, I saw someone run the tile up next to the side of the upper cabinet about a third of the way. It looked like a great transition.

Are you having any tile on the half wall that sticks above the sink?

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Hi deedles, thanks for the reply! All options are in play. I can tile the 6" on the half wall. Or use the same granite, but that might be odd if I'm not using it for the splash elsewhere. I could tile the little strip near the mud room doorway, although its only 1-2" wide.

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Here are a couple threads about this subject of ending tile. One has another link within it to a third thread.

I don't think I'd use the granite on the low wall. I agree that would be an odd transition to the tile wall.

You know, I have exactly the same thing going on in my kitchen with the half-wall turning into a full wall. I'm using the backsplash tile all the way around but staying at the 6" height, rather than transitioning up to full height the way I think you are planning. This is because I want a shelf in my full-height backsplash area.

Guess I also have to think about how to end my tile, lol....

Here is a link that might be useful: ending tile thread

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Oh thank you, very helpful discussions! I've also thought about continuing a 6" splash, and just having it higher behind the range. Or even no backsplash other than at the half wall and behind the range up to the hood. That has appeal because it's most logical (backsplash where it's necessary, behind sink and range only)

LOL, this is a deceptively hard thing to decide, isn't it?

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Yes, there are just too many choices. Have you chosen your tile yet? If not, just wait til you try to pick ONE out of 80 thousand.
If you already have, then you know what I mean.

Now, here is another thing that might be helpful for you:
I think it was beekeeperswife that did this... when you find a tile you like, photocopy it in color onto a bunch of pieces of paper and then tape those papers up in the various configurations that you are thinking of. I thought that was one of the cleverest ideas ever and it worked well. No, guessing... you can actually SEE it before it's mortared in place.

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