Magic Corner question - pulling out the first part of unit?

drbeanie2000September 26, 2012

I could have sworn that I have seen units for which you pull the first unit and slide it to the side,and then the back unit automatically moves forward. Was I hallucinating? In the one just installed in our kitchen, we have to manually pull the second one out.

Could you let me know if you have any idea what I am talking about, and if so, tell me which kind of corner unit I mean? (In picture, pull on the handle on the top to get out of cabinet, pull to slide the RHS right, pulling the left unit out, but THEN, unit on the left opening automatically.)

Thanks, Bean

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Yes, you are correct. The back set should move forward.
Here is the official blurb on the Magic Corner ( made by Kessebohmer )

Four-basket storage solution for blind corners. When you open the door, the two rear baskets slide laterally to face the opening. Because the front baskets are attached to the door, they can be removed completely from the cabinet when the door is opened. Each front basket holds up to 14 kg (30 lb.) and each rear basket holds up to 18 kg (40 lb.).

Did they install it correctly?

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depends on what you mean by the back set moving forward.

In one version of the MC, (I forget if it is MC I or MCII) the front set of baskets moves forward (out of the cabinet) and to the side automatically when you open the door,because it is attached to the door. In the other version, which I have, you open the door and then manually pull the front set of baskets forward and to the side.

IN both ersions, when the front set is pulled forward out of the cabinet, the back set is pulled to the side, so that it now sits where the front set used to --in other words just inside the cabinet behind the open door. If that's what you mean by pulling it forward, yes, it should do that.

In neither version, however, does the back set automatically pull out of the cabinet. You need to do that manually.

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