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sitinhSeptember 30, 2013

At the suggestion of another member from the building forum, I'm posting this layout here for suggestions. The fridge is going to become a 48" or 54" fridge. Open to suggestions there also. It's going to be a cooktop with wall oven to the right of the cooktop. Another person brought of the fact that the fridge is away from the sink, which I can see is a pain.


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Yes, flip flop stove/ovens and fridge. Also, how wide is the space between your island and sink? You may want to put DW on the other side of the sink so there is no traffic jam there when DW is open.

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My preference is typically to orient the long part of the island to the cooktop. It just seems much more functional for how I would want to use and island. Thinking of the frig...what if you were to due a range then place a second sink at the bottom of the cooking run? Water access is right there from the bathroom. Just a thought

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If you have a single pantry, I think you can still keep the fridge at the same spot, but as others have suggested, you need a 2nd sink for prep.

Prep sink could be on the cooktop wall if you don't mind facing the wall when you're working or sink can be on the island.

I'm not an expert,, but I think with an island of 8.5' x 6' (all overhangs included) your aisles wouldn't be tight.

So you can have, across the cooktop wall, starting from the fridge side, 21" prep sink and 48" cabs for prep. 3 can sit facing these, and 2 can sit facing the main sink on the 8.5' part (after 15" on left corner, 48" for 2 seats and 15" left for landing space for fridge and 24" for depth of prep sink).

If the bath is the only one in this floor I think it will be better to replace it or have another one closer to living areas.

Edited to add suggestion about bath.

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Maybe something like this? From Kitchen plans

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How deep is that bay behind the window? Will you be able to reach to the back to clean the counter and the windows? I have a corner sink and it's nearly 4' from counter edge to back corner and I can't clean it without climbing on a stool. It's a PITA so I clean it less often than I ought to. You can still do a bay shape, just a shallower one.

How will you use all that space for the breakfast room? 23' long is HUGE, bigger than most people's dining rooms. Not only does that space seem underused, so does your kitchen based on the plan you intially posted. You have the space and the need for double islands.

Here's an idea for you:

I put the fridge next to the breakfast area so it's a quick grab for milk for cereal, cream for coffee, etc. There are 2 trash pull outs (the 18" cabs) on either side of the sink/DW. Or you could put one in this area and one near the prep sink in the first island.

The first island is a bit of a barrier island but my preference is to have the fridge in this location versus where the wall ovens are shown. If you do meals that go from range top to oven, you'll be glad of the shorter distance to travel with a hot dish.

You could line up the fridge and wall ovens where the wall ovens area but that eats up a lot of your counter space around the range top. You'd end up with only 21" on each side of it. Given the size of your kitchen, it seems quite silly to crowd all the appliances into one area.

You could always put a fridge drawer in the island across from the range top for items you regularly use in cooking - eggs, bacon, chicken, etc, things that need to be cooked before eaten. That would take a bit of the jog out of your prep work.

I flattened the windows but you could still do a bay window, just be sure it's not deeper than 12" deep so that you can reach to clean the back of the counter and the windows. You should also consider going with a fixed center window and casement side windows with the cranks closest to the outer edges so they are easily reached.

The first island is for prep. Lots of space to spread out for baking projects, etc. I added a prep sink as others suggested, in from the corner so that you have counter space to set down bags of groceries (I'm assuming the mudroom is the entrance in from the garage) before putting them away in the pantry or the fridge. I moved the pantry door, too, so that the pantry entry is closer to the work area of the kitchen

The second island is for setting out appies for guests, perhaps a wine fridge under the counter and such. Think of it as your entertainment/beverage center.

Oh, one other thing. I made the wall next to the wall ovens longer so that you have a buffer zone when the oven door is open. Less chance of someone walking in and into a hot open oven door. I've no idea how wide this wall is but I think you should have at least 18".

This plan, with the aisle clearances as marked (counter to counter) makes your kitchen 15' x 18' - a foot larger than you show - but honestly, you've got the room, make use of it.

Here are inspiration pics for you:

Mediterranean Kitchen by San Francisco Architects & Designers Taylor Lombardo Architects

This one is quite similar to the plan I proposed, including the large fridge next to the sink/DW but the islands are turned 90 deg from what I'm suggesting. Having the long side face the range top is ideal because it's more functional as prep space.

Traditional Kitchen by Montreal Kitchen & Bath Designers Tendances Concept

Transitional Kitchen by New York Architects & Designers Tamara Magel Studio

Rustic Kitchen by Colorado Springs Design-Build Firms COMITO BUILDING AND DESIGN LLC

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Lisa- That's pretty! I like the picture with the beams...and that's a nice two island design.

I missed the wall oven, but I just saw it over on the Building a Home forum, so I came up with this. I swapped the sink and range and put the fridge between the main sink and pantry. You could swap the fridge and wall oven..your choice.

I also moved the pantry door over and made room for a built-in bookcase, for cookbooks and display. You could put a broom closet here, instead. Again, your choice. Just a few ideas :) From Kitchen plans

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Those two-island kitchens are pretty but, as someone who cooks a LOT - oftentimes with a goodly number of kibbitzing guests as well as a few helpers, I can tell you that those two islands would drive me absolutely crazy. Invariably, I would be working at the stove and realize that I needed something that I'd left over at the bar island while I was over there chatting with a guest. Or, I'd start to put something in the oven and realize that I needed something out of the fridge.

When I say I cook a LOT, I mean we host concerts in our living room at least once a month with anywhere from 35 to 70 guests. During the break between sets, I serve coffee/lemonade and a light snack (usually homemade fruit breads) to everybody. Then, after the formal concert is over, I'll have anywhere from 10 to 25 of those guests stay for dinner with the artist followed by a song circle.

While I do a lot of the prep in advance, my kitchen has got to be absolutely functional in order to do final prep and serve that many people over the course of about 5 hours and still be able to greet all my guests personally and enjoy the concert myself.

I also host family get-togethers at least a couple of times per year. Immediate family now numbers 21 and most of the crowd usually stays 3 to 5 days.

I know I said on the Building a Home Forum that I was going to stay out of the fray with kitchen design recommendations because I'm not a big fan of islands and I could tell that OP really wanted one. But I just had to pop in to say that putting in two islands is, IMHO, just doubling all the worst qualities of kitchen islands.

While multiple work zones are a great idea and I agree that kitchens need to be designed so that more than one person can work in them without getting on top of one another, I'd venture to say that MOST of the time, the primary cook in the household works in the kitchen alone.

That means he or she is probably prepping one thing while something else simmers on the stove and a third item bakes in the oven. He/she may also be needing to stop and get a toddler a glass of milk from the fridge, or throw together a salad at the same time he/she is stirring gravy and making sure it doesn't stick. Thus, having each zone so totally defined and separated that one cannot move easily from one to the other...without having to walk around a barrier island is, IMHO, NOT good design.

And, while cramming appliances too close together is bad having them too spread out is equally bad. If I'm making gravy, I need to be able to get to the milk. And I don't want to have to remember to keep milk in two separate refrigerators!

Maybe something like this instead...

I personally think the open space in the middle is a bit too large but it sure beats having to walk around a middle barrier island to get to the glass of wine my DH just poured for me at the bar island on the other side of the room.

And if I walk over to set a platter on the bar island so that someone else can carry it to the table, I sure don't want to have to leap over the middle island because I suddenly notice that something on the stovetop has started burning!

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sitinh, ignore my Plan A. It was late, I was tired and I shouldn't have been trying to do math. ;-p I got the width x length dimensions mixed up so that plan won't work.

But this one has the math correct (I checked it 3 times!)

It has the island facing the way you show in your original plan but it's deeper so that you have a longer side facing the range than your plan's island has. The prep sink is in the corner so that you can use it on either side of the island. I put 2 seats on the left side and 3 on the bottom side. The host isn't far from guests but the guests can visit with each other more easily that 4 and 1 configuration your plan has.

As with Plan A, I'd add a fridge drawer to the island, across from the range, for those items that are only used in cooking: meat, eggs, etc, so that your food prep triangle is right there.

The * denotes either a void space (counter support only) or 24" deep cabs used to store items rarely used.

The island overhang is 18".

bevangel, I had to laugh at "I personally think the open space in the middle is a bit too large..." Uh, yeah, it is. Judging by how you drew it, it's more than 10 feet! You'd sure get your work-out going back and forth between prep sink and range in that plan. ;-)

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