Kitchen Remodel - Appliance Sanity Check

sgmartzSeptember 13, 2013

Hello All,

I've read a lot of posts on here about the merits/demerits of big 48" pro-style ranges. Under normal circumstances, i think that 30" fits my needs just fine and is more budget friendly. That being said, I'm in a unique position....I can get Thermador appliances for 40% off. So i was looking at one of their 48" pro harmony ranges which retails for 8.7K, I can get it for 5K....

Do you all think this is a deal i cant pass up? i dont think ill ever be the type to sink 8-10K into a pro-style...

id love to hear your thoughts, if you think its worth the 5K if it will help resell value at all, etcetera....for reference, if i were to get a 30" range, id get the ge cafe slide-in double oven, which retails for about 2800, so its about a 3400 difference..

thanks everyone!!!!!!

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What about something in between....maybe a 36"?

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Fori is not pleased

Why not a smaller Thermador for 40% off?


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Just curious why, if you'd ordinarily get a 30", you're thinking of going as large as 48". Do you have a large kitchen or family or routinely cook big meals? Is it for the wow! or resale factor?

I live alone and 30" is all the stove I need, not to mention my kitchen's size doesn't accommodate anything larger. At some point I need to get a new stove, at least that's what I tell myself. I'd like to keep it under $3K but I just don't love anything in that price range. It seems silly for me to swap out a perfectly good (if frumpy/dated) stove for the sake of having something new and shiny.

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I would consider one of the smaller Pro Harmony ranges at 40% off, for your needs.

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We finished a house remodel project 3 years ago and put in a 48" pro style range. Sold that house and we are on to another; poured the foundation last week. I just ordered the appliances for the latest remodel and ordered a 36" pro style. We also have access to a significant discount through my husband's employer.
The 48" was way overkill for our family and I love to cook and we entertain frequently. My husband loved it, but that was based purely on a looks/size/bigger is better mentality- although I will admit, it did have the wow factor. In fact, many of the house hunters who viewed our last house commented on the range.
Remember that a 48" will require a larger hood & potential makeup air. Just because you are getting a deal doesn't mean you have to buy the biggest. Sounds like you will be happy with a smaller range and you can use the savings elsewhere in the kitchen.

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Consider the overall design - especially the cost and aesthetics of venting. I'd love the look of a giant range but didn't really want to give up that much space, and a 36" range top with knobs on the front gave me the extra cooking space I needed for big pots.

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We have the Thermador 36" rangetop and find it to be the perfect size. Now, we have the professional model so the knobs are on the front - that allows us full access to all six burners, which are really nicely-sized. We only use a few at a time, more when we we make pancakes or something that uses a griddle or grill pan that goes across two burners.

I think the 48" makes sense if you also want to use one of the added "areas" that are often in those - a built-in grill or griddle. Or if you are a master chef -

but if you're already asking, "Why do we need one?" then I'd say you have your answer... you don't.

A 36" is a great size for us.

Now if *I* could have gotten at 40% off, I would have been REALLY happy!!! :-)

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It might depend on the neigborhood all your neigbors have professional style ranges or do most have 30"? I think for most every day cooking, especially if you are not a professional chef, 30" is just fine and that space can be used better elsewhere, unless maybe you have a very big kitchen and can spare the room and a 30" might looked dwarfed in there. Heck, even a lot of professional chefs have 30" regular stoves in their houses, especially if they live in condos...I've seen some of their home kitchens on TV.

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You never get any money back for upscale appliance choices, no matter what home level your neighborhood is. If the kitchen outshines the neighborhood, then no one wants to pay for the upgrades. It might sell the house faster, and that's it. If it's a neighborhood where the upscale appliances are expected, then NOT having them would be dollars off, but having them just checks off the box.

Also, if this is a typical 12 x 15 kitchen, there is no way that you're going to shoehorn in a 48" range and have it look too at home. Plus, now you have to have a 54" hood, and probably at least a 42" fridge......all the way to running you out of room to prep meals because the appliances are taking up so much space.

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I too think this is more about what size kitchen will be and what the expectation is in the neighborhood your home is. I fully agree with Live_wire that most high end appliances don't necessarily add, they detract if they are not there in some neighborhoods.

My first reaction was to buy a smaller size by Thermador for that 40% of. A GREAT deal :)

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Thanks for the great replies...

You answer someone's question,I have a huge kitchen, 16' x 20'

Some houses in the neighborhood have high end appliances some don't, it definitely wouldn't be out of place

My preference is actually a 36, however, my wife wants double ovens

And yes we entertain for 6-10 very regularly, and I do cook nearly every meal at home

It definitely won't be too large, the kitchen/dining room area is 16x32

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