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nehomeSeptember 29, 2013

Anyone have opinion on how these two cabinet lines compare for a white painted finish? I have 2 fairly similar plans and the cost difference is about $5K. I've realized I need to clarify some of the details for the Dynasty/Omega quote (for example whether or not finished end panels and light rails were included) but that should not be significant.

I explored Dynasty/Omega because I knew the lower cabs for an island might need to be less than the standard 24" However, after reading the lengthy post about Omega failing finishes I'm feeling a little skittish on that cabinet line. I thought Holiday would price out similar but $5K is a big jump. However the Holiday website promotes their Master Finish that provides "maximum resistance to scuffing, dents, moisture, and household chemicals or agents." Maybe Omega's finish is just as good but they have poor quality control and some bad finishes slipped through the cracks ? However if a manufacturer has a quality finish process in place I'm not sure how some cabs could be good and others have finish failure. Was there ever any explanation as to why there was a finish failure with those complaints? Has anyone stopped selling Omega because of finish problems? Not sure if I should get another quote from another line but each plan and quote takes so long!!!

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I know what thread you are talking about. It made me nervous, but I am 90% leaning towards Dynasty/Omega. Overall it seems that the limited reviews are favorable. Hopefully you will get better input from those who have used them.

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I just placed my order with Dynasty/Omega. I will have a stained not painted finish, not sure if that makes a difference. Reviews can sometimes be difficult to interpret as negative reviews get posted way more than positive so there may not be enough balance. Regardless, I'll keep my fingers crossed that I have a positive story.

Good luck!

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An issue with Omega Dynasty finishes? That's the first I've heard of issues - they have an excellent reputation for their finishes. What thread are you talking about???

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I can only offer that I have Dynasty natural maple and they are wonderful....I would not hesitate to buy Dynasty again. My neighbor has Holiday and is very happy with them as well...I don't think you can go wrong with either one.

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Buehl this was a thread on Houzz not on GW. I have found a smattering of comments about Medallion and Holiday finish problems as well but the Dynasty thread had a couple of people comment about finish. How can this happen? Wouldn't the finish process in these big manufacturers be automized for consistency. I understand stuff damaged during shipping but how can the finish have a few that fail?

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