Kitchen Clock Ideas

berardmrSeptember 9, 2012

Looking for some ideas for a kitchen clock. I'm open to most anything as long as it has a "clean" look, no Old World stuff. Would appreciate any ideas! Size anywhere from 11" to 24". Thanks!

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Does your kitchen have a theme? My current kitchen is rooster themed, as I raise exotic chickens as a hobby. I have a very nice rooster clock.

Once we move into 'The Mule House', my kitchen won't have the rooster theme but all the rooster items are going into the dining room.

What price range do you have for a kitchen clock. I'm a WalMart shopper. An 'upgrade' for me is Target, so those are the places I'll start looking for my own new kitchen clock in the coming months. Hobby Lobby also has nice clocks. That's actually where I got my current rooster one.

Would you like to show a photo of your clockless kitchen?

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If you want really clean, basic and classic, you could look at Howard Miller Gallery Wall, Accuwave II, Easton, Corporate, Office Mate, Aries, Murrow, Alton, Spokane.

You could also look at Howard Miller Classic 24 Hour at Design Within Reach, or Nomon Sunset, or Nomon OJ for very minimalist clocks, also at Design Within Reach.

For pure minimalism I just use the clock on the front of my range. Of course that's not visible long distance. :)

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Thanks for the pointers, mulehouse and pal, I will check them out!

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I love the Schoolhouse Electric Clocks. You might also try Bai clocks.
I love my super trendy Numero clock by Roost.

I love this DIY project to make your own clock:

Here is a link that might be useful: School House Electric

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Since my oven has a clock as well as my microwave and the intercom (it is a 26 year old house and they all had them then) the last thing I need is a clock. Do your appliances have clocks? After a power outage it is a small nuisance resetting them.

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Like Deeebert, I think that my kitchen already has too many clocks. My previous kitchen, which had older appliances without electronics or clocks, needed a wall clock. But that wall clock is now sitting in my closet cause it is un-needed now (it was from LLBean, clean-lined and a little preppy, but LLBean doesn't carry it anymore).

You will be amazed at what is available at Target. Do a search there for "wall clocks". They have clean modern clocks, retro clocks, color, and, well, unusual, clocks - you name it.

Do you want a clock for the aesthetics, or will you actually use it to time things? The reason I am asking is that many modern-look clocks don't have a second hand, and don't have the 60 individual minute sections on the clock face. For practicality, the first one I linked above that is a clean modern clock has the second hand, shows all 60 minutes, and has the date as well.

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If you have clocks on some appliances, what about something like a day of the week clock? I often take more time to figure out what day it is than what time due to the abundance of clocks on appliances.

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