How does this look now?

SnbtwinsSeptember 12, 2012

Got the new drawings back after making the room 2 feet deeper. What do you think of the aisle clearances now? Also I am trying to decide between the two options. In the first one, the pantry cabinet is 3x2 and the CD fridge is right next to it. In option 2, the pantry cabinet is 4x2 and there is a drop zone before the fridge (for the phone, mail, etc..). Which do you think is better? Does the fridge look odd in option 2? Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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Your island is pretty close so I don't know that the drop zone between the pantry and fridge is also seems to move the fridge into the stove prep area.

One other point is I would be tempted to move the prep sink to the other end of the island, closer to the fridge/pantry to act as the prep sink for veggies/things out of the fridge.

The isle sized look good...just make sure they are the counter edge to counter edge, not cabinets, which are 3" less.

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Are you going to have a drinks ref somewhere? I'm just asking cause moving the ref closer to the range has some real benefits for the chef, but can also be a pita having people stream in behind the island to get fluid and then mooch on through to get glasses or whatever - Not only for every day, but if you entertain. There can also be a relationship between the ref and the microwave - particularly for teens.

You might think about relocating the prep sink to the other end of the island. I'm not saying to do it, but that it might work out better since the island got larger.

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I don't know any of the important stuff, so I'll only add one thought. I'm pretty lazy, clumsy, and easily distracted. I would find fridge access easier from the table if it was not behind the island. I know I would end up cutting the corner too short. What about keeping the smaller pantry and keeping a landing zone, but keeping the fridge all, or mostly, in the aisle instead of behind the island?

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Snbtwins, you will probably get more replies if you keep all of your layout ideas & changes in one thread. When you start a new thread, none of the people who subscribed to the old thread get the post replies emailed to them and likely won't realize you started a new thread.

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