Gag teppanyaki Q

eleenaSeptember 10, 2012

I posted this question on Appliances and Cookware forums but Kitchens is the fastest moving one and I need (some kind of) answer rather sooner than later as I have a (never used) floor model on hold. Sorry, if I am overdoing it.

Do you have an opinion?


I am salivating after Gaggenau teppanyaki but its surface is not stainless steel (only the trim is), it is said to be "hard chromed".

I know that say it is food-safe and does not leach, but so did Teflon makers for decades.

I did a Google search (see some links below) and understand that not all chromiuim is created equal:

"The toxicity of chromium compounds depends on the oxidation state of the metal.

Occupational exposure to chromium(VI) compounds has been associated with increased incidence of lung cancer.

Chromium(III) is an essential nutrient that can be toxic in large doses."

But - unfortunately - I don't know enough chemistry to come to any conclusions and I don't want to spend $$$$ to give my family cancer, kwim? :-)

Please, help!

Here is a link that might be useful: Teppanyaki

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You do realize, don't you, that chromium is a principal component of stainless steel. (Typically ~18%.) Moreover, the outer surface of SS is mostly chromium oxide.

I wouldn't sweat it. Neither chrome nor SS will expose you to hexavalent chromium (i.e., the bad stuff).

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Thanks, Angie!

Yes, I know that SS has chrome but my SS cookware (AC and Demeyere) came with a recommendation not to use it on high heat.

Teppanyaki is supposed to use high heat.

The following statement confused me:
"Chromium(III) is an essential nutrient that can be toxic in large doses" b/c IDK what constitutes a large dose.

I think you are right. I just wanted to double-check.

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Pretty much anything is toxic in large enough doses. Water. Oxygen...

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I have some idea what too much water or oxygen would be like, but please defined "large" for Chromium. :-)

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Also, it is "chromium plated", not a compound. Does it make a difference?

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