To everyone with large families.......

springrozSeptember 24, 2012

I have gained a new admiration for all the women with large families. I am sorry if I ever dismissed anyone with lots of family. I bow to you NOW, may I wash your feet?

I have itenerent barn builders here(friends from Texas). Three large, hard working , hungry men, plus DH and DS, and ,of course MIL. I have not really cleaned my house since last week, because about the time I get one meal cleaned up and the next load of laundry, it is time to start the next meal.

I had am in home day care years ago, and that never seemed hard, but I suppose I was 23 years younger...

What's for LUNCH??


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Even with my two little ones and DH, I sometimes struggle to keep up. But...I think the difference between your recent situation and a family with lots of kids is that you can put those kids to work helping you with housework. Slave labor, and all that. ;)

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Breezy, exactly! These guys are "guests" , so i can't assign chores! Plus, they are all single, so a home cooked meal is a rarity. One of them cooks, but the others(including DH) do NOT. At least they appreciate my cooking!


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what, you think single guys can afford to dine out every day? If not, its DIY home-cooked meals.

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Single men are the easiest to put to work!!!
Even if it's stirring something, chopping, setting a table, or washing a pot. Particularly the one who does cook. Flattery will get you everywhere.

Give them a beer (or pop) for one hand, ask them questions where they can answer looking good, and go to work.

You're just not doing it right.

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I got the impression these single men were building while she was cooking and cleaning.

I hope your MIL is some help to you. I remember when we were building a house, and camping on the land at the time. I was 25 years younger then and it was just like you described. Get up at dawn to cook a big, hearty breakfast, and after getting those dishes washed, it was time to start cooking lunch, and then dinner.

We were too far out to go get even a pizza, and that just isn't filling food for men who are sweating out in the sun framing, roofing, and all that.

I feel for you, and trust me, it will end and be a pleasant memory one day - for both you and these guys.

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