Finished Kitchen Remodel

KevinMPSeptember 29, 2013

This has been a phased project. When I moved in, it had a new kitchen, but nothing that I was able to select.

This is an old, urban row home (c. 1826), so keep that in mind when you think about the size of the space and the limitations I had.

I've worked with the old cabinets, but painted the boxes and ordered new drawer and cabinet fronts. I then added a wall unit with the honed calacatta gold counter top and backsplash where there used to be nothing (I had temporary, open Ikea shelving for a while). I added the honed calacatta gold backsplash around the rest of the kitchen and put in a Dacor DR30D dual fuel professional range (which I love). The black granite then cracked, and I replaced it and the 4" backsplash with honed marron cohiba (a.k.a. antique brown granite) and continued down with the 4" honed calacatta gold tiles. At the same time, I had the 27", integrated (700TCI) Subzero fridge/freezer built in to give me the 3" countertop I needed to the left of the Dacor range. To do that, I had to order some new cabinet components and I ordered some fluted pieces for either side of the range, some lightrail for the rest of the cabinets, and re-designed/positioned the moulding to run it all up to the ceiling (while I was at it). Finally, I swapped out the old high hats for LEDs and added a reproduction iron and brass pendant with mirrored interior dome. Some paint touch up, and it's nearly completed. Just a few more touch ups.

I'll post details if you need them, but there are just so many, and I don't want to inundate you if you're not interested. Thanks for your help along the way (I know you've seen this kitchen in varying states and probably are glad not to see it again), and enjoy.

Before they put in the kitchen it was a sunroom:

This is what it looked like when I moved in (after the previous owners had put in the kitchen and after I had painted it green just to put something other than the high gloss white they had everywhere):


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Beautiful kitchen. One detail I noticed and I think it makes a big difference is the trim and counter between the range and refrigerator. Most people would not bother with it but I think it makes it look nice.

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Just gorgeous - and very functional, too!

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Much improved!!! Tiny, yet efficient, and very attractive! Love all the little touches and details (especially the 3" between the fridge and range! Perfect spot for salt, pepper, and the like, just as you have it).

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It is perfect Kevin. The new refrigerator and fabrication of the cabinet above is perfect. I have to ask where you purchased the rug that is in the walkway toward the door. It is gorgeous!

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Wonderful, Kevin. I love how NICE it looks now, worthy of the front rooms. It really is in the details, isn't it? The storage wall is very handsome, and I particularly like how the lit niche not only serves excellent function but adds richness and depth to what would be a solid wall as one walked by or glanced in. Big little detail.

I'd love to see a picture of the passthrough from the dining side too. People are always wondering what they can do with those.

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The storage wall really pulls it together! And there are so many little details - all your planning paid off.

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I really like this space. I like the pass-thru with the mini-columns. That is so cute. For me, the biggest difference maker is the buffet/storage wall. With that and all the light coming from the window and the door this must be a great place to work.

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Beautiful! I love the wall color and the marble tile. Congratulations on a job well done.

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Great job! I love the new wall unit and the repro pendant. The pass through with mini columns is so adorable! Congrats!!

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That looks really good. I, too, especially like the pass thru with the mini columns - very nicely done!!

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Kevin, you've turned a decent kitchen into something amazing. It looks so finished, so refined. The latest changes make such a world of difference. I was a little worried reading that you'd picked a brown granite because I loved the absolute black in your kitchen, but it's just perfect. That dark honed look is fantastic. Congratulations on creating such a beautiful kitchen.

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You now have an amazing kitchen. I have to ask, since the last owner transformed the sunroom into a kitchen, where was the previous one located? An 1826 townhouse, did it have an outdoor kitchen or a basement or set aside space in the 1800's? I know southern plantations had separate kitchens, and old, northern farmhouses had the walk in fireplaces, but I don't know much about row houses.


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Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing this! I have never lived in a house that was older than me, and guess I won't...but I'm charmed smitten by those who do and do so beautifully. Congratulations!

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Really well thought out! It's beautiful. I especially love the new wall unit.

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Wow - looks great! Love your counters, BS, and walls. Great pass through! It is a small kitchen but will be lots of fun to use. (I like smaller kitchens so you don't have to walk too far to get to anything)
I was trying to figure out the ice maker - but realized it is sideways on my screen - LOL - what is the refrigerator?
Also what is the color of your cabinets - Love them!!!
Congratulations on a job well done :-)

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Very beautiful , definitely a well finished, perfectly detailed space!
I have to ask for your paint colors, please?

I love, love antique brown granite. So rich looking!

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I love the entire kitchen, everything in it is classy. I especially love your refrigerator. Its awesome and looks very functional.

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What a great kitchen! Everything looks amazing. Very well done!

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It's almost hard to believe you fit all that into the sunroom footprint. Your SZ and stove look great, and I really like the combination of your countertops and cabinet.

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That is a great kitchen. I love the window going into the dining room. I spent 10 years living in two very old row houses myself and I know how small and cramped the kitchen can always feel. I dreamed of a kitchen like that in my row houses!

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Oh this is gorgeous!

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The old cabinet doors were white thermofoil, but the boxes are plywood construction with solid dovetailed drawers and full extension glides. The new ones are painted maple in a different style. They're antique white.
The microwave is in the wall pantry cabinet. I'll post a picture again.

Range is Dacor DR30D, and I love it.

There was no kitchen because the previous owners owned the house next door which had a kitchen. They separated the houses for resale. The original kitchen was in the basement.

Someone asked about the wall color, it's BM Mount Saint Ann in Aura bath/spa matte.

The rugs are from Overstock. Safavieh Cambridge in blue and gold.
Thanks everyone.

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I had to keep scrolling up & down between before & after pictures. What a transformation. Love everything. The additional crown is classy and i especially like your backsplash. The new SZ & cabinetry above, very sleek. How do you like the 700 TCI?

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