Please look at my "last chance" layout!

new_morningSeptember 10, 2013

Hi everyone! Well, it's time. It's my last chance to make any FINAL layout changes. This bids are coming in, and hoping to start demo very soon, yikes! Wanted to post the latest elevation drawings, since everyone in the GW community has been so helpful thus far!

Looking mainly for functionality here - These drawings are mainly to identify the design/placement of appliances, drawer space/storage, workable stations, and size/proportion of space. They do not yet indicate style or door fronts (ie where I am putting glass front cabs, or type of hood). I can post that too.

My main concerns (and worries that I will regret when too late) are:

1. lack of natural light. We chose to put up more cabs and increase counter space for function, but windows are very limited (and less than what we have now). Our KD and architect assure me that it will be bright enough still. We thought about sacrificing cabs for windows flanking the range, or putting in transom windows underneath those cabs, but decided we needed the storage, or transoms would be too costly. I'm having second thoughts.

2. closing the passageway from the front door (where the microwave drawer sits, btw the fridge and peninsula) allows for more counter/cabs and creates a more functional galley kitchen), but also blocks that passageway, and also light. Will we regret having to walk around the peninsula to get into the kitchen each morning?

3. Drawers! Any recs on changing sizes? Or how about the configuration of drawers/pullouts around the range? Should I get rid of those narrow pullouts, and put big drawers instead?

4. The broom closet next to the desk - should we sacrifice desk space for that? Or will we want that extra foot? Should we flip it on the other side so that the desk won't have a left wall, and we can peek around the corner to the kitchen? Or put the closet somewhere else altogether?

5. Should we keep the DW on the left side? We are both right handed, but figured that it would be more out of the way of cooking.

Overall Layout:

Sink-Range Elevation:

Island Elevation:

Thanks in advance for your advice! I'm realizing that layout will probably be the most important decision I make.

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I am right handed and have always had a dw on the left side. To me is seems completely natural. Just looking at your layout it looks like there are windows which apparently you are closing up?

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debra - yep, the large window in the middle will be closed up, and sliding doors to the right will become a single door. New window will be the one above the main sink.

Here's the contents of my drawers. Probably more than anyone cares to know, but maybe it will help regarding drawer configurations and sizes.

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one more thing. My DH tells me don't even THINK about changing #2. Haha. I guess I will drive everyone crazy if I reconsider that again. So that's off the table.

but would LOVE input regarding question #3 in particular. Thanks!

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While I had to have two of them to fill space, I'm not a big fan of narrow pull-outs on the bottom. I don't find them very "user friendly" in terms of seeing what is in there and getting it out. I'd go with wider drawers if that is an option.

I'm a bit of a balance freak, so the fact that the left side of the appliance garage and uppers do not align with the base below them would drive me crazy. Could you swap the sink and trash so you could align that section of cabinets?

I like your trash on the right so it can be easily accessed by someone at the sink and someone at the stove. You'll get used to DW on the left in no time.

Also like the broom closet placement.

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Consider installing the window at counter height to maximize the amount of light.

A taller window for the same reason.

FYI...I'd want the 2-bin trash pullout in the Prep Zone for trash and recyclables. If you're getting one 2-bin and one 1-bin, then I'd put the 1-bin in the Cleanup Zone. Most people generate far more recycling and trash when prepping than cleaning up, so I'd want the bigger one in the Prep Zone.

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Cindy - hm, good thought on the imbalance of the lower cabs. I did notice that, but it didn't particularly bother me. I'm not sure how switching the trash/sink will affect that... but will look into it. Maybe the size of trash will help determine. Thanks!

Also, I think I am leaning towards getting rid of those narrow pullouts, after hearing what you said. They look cool, and balanced for the space, but perhaps not particularly practical. Anyone else (dis)agree?

Buehl - thanks for your input, was hoping to hear from you! I keep reading great advice from you on tons of threads. I do remember you advising others about the "main" trash on the prep sink. I was actually thinking of putting just a single trash on both sinks. My DH doesn't think we will use a sep can for recycling, since we don't now - Rather, our (gigantic) recycling bin is in the laundry area. With a large family, we could never fit our huge amounts of recycling in a cabinet (Costco, anyone? :) I thought about the occasional use of a small trash for tossing pasta jars or cans, but we don't use canned food or drink sodas/beers all that often so it didn't seem to warrant taking up cab space. Um, am I making a sensible decision?

Also, I think I'm going to take out that breathable drawer for onions/potatoes. Maybe just put some baskets in the pantry instead. Don't want to wish I could utilize those drawers fully in the future.

One more thing - the toughest part of this puzzle was where to put my eating cutlery. As the drawing indicates, I put it to the left of the range - so it's close to the DW, and I don't know how many times I've needed knives and tasting spoons while cooking. Unfortunately, that took my best spot for my spice drawer (like Breezy's!) boo hoooo. Sad about that, wish I could plop in another whole column of drawers between the trash and stove! So spice drawer has to take second spot, under cutlery. I think it's a little weird, but I'll have to adjust.

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I don't care for the narrow pullouts around the range, because you have to lean down to see what is there. I would much prefer wider drawers.

I am right handed and have my DW to the left of the sink. I use my left hand to hold each dish while I scrape trash off with my right hand, so it is easier to use my left hand to put the dish in the DW with it on the left of the sink. It makes sense to have your trash between the sink and the range.

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