Cambria Torquay photos

lisa0527September 19, 2011

I know several of you have been looking for photos of the new Cambria Torquay quartz, which promises to look a little more like marble than most quartz does. The holy grail of quartz!

In my searching today I came across this kitchen with multiple pics of Torquay installed in a kitchen. Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cambria Torquay kitchen

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Thanks so much for posting this! I have the 12x12 sample and love it, but I'm not really loving it in these pictures. Hmmmm...

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lisa0527 looks great in my sample, but not as great in the photos.

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I'm hoping maybe it just doesn't photograph well? Or am I being delusional?

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Same here. I've had some nagging not-exactly-regrets on passing over the Torquay because the local dealers weren't 1) easy to find, and 2) anxious to make a sale. Basically, I gave up on them and found a granite I like. But I sometimes have wondered... Seeing these photos, I'm now sure I made the better choice for our space.

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I wouldn't go by the photos at all! Acylic, granite and quartz tops never look true in photographs. I have a Caesarstone Carerra display in my showroom....a regular photo...the tops look like solid white. Until I do a close-up, they look like nothing special. But people rave about this piece in my showroom.

Here are the pics.

From a distance:

Closer up you can see the detail better:

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I just got my sample too. It is going only on perimeter counters - behind a huge walnut island. It looks much better in person than the pics, and much better than the OKITE sample I have. It may be still a little gray but the best, most accurate marble look quartz out there I think. More expensive than marble but bulletproof - 24 hours of red wine didn't stain. Perfect and easy to clean . . .

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We have Rain Cloud by Corian and it has a real marble vibe. It does not pretend to be the real thing, but if you like marble, you will probably appreciate it.
The Caesarstone Carrera was a real disappointment in person. To me it was a light counter with spots. It did not have the right feel if you want something along the lines of marble.

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Thanks, kompy, for your pictures and for reassuring us it will look better in person. The sample is so nice, and it's not at all plastic-looking like some quartz.

athensmomof3, I'm with you on the stain testing. I tried everything - red wine (with a bottle sitting on it), coffee, black raspberry jam, etc. - overnight and it all wiped up with a damp paper towel.

Please, anyone who sees it in real life or puts it in their kitchen, let us know how it really is!

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I so WANT to like the solid-surface manmade materials. But it just looks "fake" to me, I guess because it is too perfect and unvarying in pattern. I would just rather have a natural stone.

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It's been a very good surface and we are pleased. I still dream about marble, though!

Close up: From Drop Box


At work:


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