modify depth of existing cabinets??

SassyBeeSeptember 7, 2012

Hello! I'm new to this so please bear with me as I fumble through learning the forum.

Our home is only 7 years old and we are in the early stages of revamping the kitchen a bit. Though the cabinets were custom, it is a spec home and the choosing wasn't done beforehand. Unfortunately, the builder got in on the tail end of the oak trend and I'm getting geared up to paint them. (And yes, I�m NeRvOuS!! But have found a great deal of tips by lurking here on the site.) While we're at it, I'd love for the hubby to adjust some of the boxes to vary the heights...which SEEMS easy. We shall see!

Anyhoo, I'd also LOVE to have the varied DEPTHS on a few. Is it possible to add depth to existing cabinets? And if so, HOW? I've Googled and either it�s not doable to EXISTING cabs or it�s lost in the masses of "New cabinet ideas" as I haven�t run across a "HOW" yet.

I'd loooove any input.

MANY thanks,


I'll ATTEMPT to add a pic of the general idea that I'm looking to do.

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Rather than tearing up a cabinet box, since it sounds like this is aesthetic, just pad out the cabinet.

IOW, rather than screwing something directly to the wall, put a board, 2x4 or whatever your desired projection is, and hang the cabinet on that. Keep in mind the cabinet edge on the side usually has a tiny lip. You'll have to put something in there to keep the cabinets spaced to each other, since usually you screw these face frames together.

As far as making them taller? Again, rather than chopping up a good cabinet and compromising its looks and integrity, stack something on top.

For example, I needed a 21" tall wall cabinet. Rather than spend $$ on a new, special cabinet, I took a regular wall cabinet and cut it down to 21". Because I'd be looking up into it, I put the finished bottom as the ceiling of the cabinet.

On another, I did the same thing, but because I wouldn't be looking up, but could rather see the bottom of the cabinet, I put the nice end down and the open end up. I had another cabinet on top of that, so it worked out fine.

I forgot to mention that if you buy a 2x3/4" piece of wood, it's actually 1.5", so it's the size of a normal face frame piece. Just screw one in there. I use my handy-dandy Kreg pocket hole jig.

So yes, you can do it. You'll have to be creative.
Just ideas.

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Good tips. I'll run these by the handy man and see what he can do with this.


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