Tile around window er no?

deedlesSeptember 9, 2013

Er no is a Wisconsin thing. :)

I'm not having wood trim around the window and was just going to drywall the whole thing but now I'm wondering if doing some of the tile wouldn't look better? The cabinets will be 3" from the opening. That's all I could give it, meaning the tile would be against the cabinet and inside the window jambs and the sill.

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I think tile would look nice, especially if there is room to have a finished bullnose edge around it.

We did it here:

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Is that a ledge half way up the backsplash? I am not sure of the design style but what about tiling all the way up to the ceiling?Something similar is pictured in the link below.

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And here's my tiled window. (Pardon the rain.) I say go for it!

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Palimpsest: that looks sharp! I think bullnose will fit nicely.

Saltlife: If my window wasn't so far down from the ceiling, I'd consider tiling the whole thing but really don't care for how it looks in my design. That is a narrow shelf above the 6" backsplash tile, yes.

Majra: that looks great. Seems tiling around the window gives a nice finished look.

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