santa cecelia granite and white cabinets/pics?

jennymamaSeptember 2, 2007

Dh and I are building a house, and I am going for a kind of a farmhouse (clean, simple lines, shaker style cabinets, wood floors) look throughout the house. I initially wanted white cabs with black countertops. But after seeing a beautiful slab of santa cecelia, I'm not so sure.

My option for black is likely a honed absolute black (worried about dust and streaks, etc).

Do you think I can pull off the santa cecelia with white cabinets? I think it looks great with cream cabinets, but I'm worried it may look too cold, or just not quite right with white cabinets. Also, does anyone have pics of this combination? Sometimes it is hard to tell in the magazines if the cabinets are cream or white.


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Here's mine. I love it. This granite is very forgiving. It is hard to see crumbs or spills.( I told my husband as we get older and our eye sight begins to fail, I am not sure if that will be a blessing or a curse) We have only sealed it once and no staining what so ever. Also no streaking. I couldn't be happier.

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I saw your beautiful kitchen yesterday in another thread. I thought your cabinets were cream? The second picture does look more white. Probably my monitor. Do you happen to know what color the finish is? Also, is it distressed? Would you say your santa cecelia is more grayish or tanish? Last question :-),
can you tell me about your floors...luv 'em!!!

Hope you don't mind all the questions!

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I used santa cecelia but I have dark perimeter cabs. however, my island is white. so you can imagine the look of the granite moved over in place of the butcherblock in this pic. I think it would look great.

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Don't mind the questions at all. Everyone here was very gracious to answer mine. The cabinets are definately white. They are custom so I don't kow the color paint they used. They made me a sample. When I got the one I liked they painted. They do have a very slight antiqueing to them. I am not sure I would say glaze. I looked at alot of slabs and I chose ones that had an equal ammount of grey and tan. I did not like the ones with gold though. The floors are a Mannington prefinished floor. It is from their Herritage collection and the color is Clove. They are a wider plank (5 " I believe) with a slight distress to them.

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Thanks so much for the info, mdmc...very gracious of you!

kygirl - I have seen pics of your lovely kitchen before, although I didn't know it was santa cecelia. I would like to mix the butcherblock with the santa cecelia, so it's great to see them together.

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I have white cabinets and Santa Cecilia! :-) I have lots of grey, beige and dark gold - with lots of dark red spots!!!

I am considering painting my cabs a taupe though. I'll be posting pictures soon.

Love the Santa Cecilia - you can't go wrong. Look at the yellower ones too. Some are so warm and gorgeous!!!

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Tulah, I have the taupe cabinets with a granite similar to Santa Cecilia. I've had it for over a year now and still love it so much.

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Jenny, Did you ever decide on your granite? Did you go with the Santa Cecelia? I am looking at that and a couple of others that are similar--Giallo Imperial and Giallo Ornamental. I haven't finalized my cabinet color yet but it will be either white or an off-white, depending on what combo of cabinet color and granite I like best together. I was just wondering how you made out and if you are happy with your choice.

I love to see everyone's pics of their kitchen. They are all so different and so beautiful!

Karen, I was wondering if you would share the name of your light fixture above your island. I love it!

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Santa Cecilia and white glazed island.

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This is such a timely follow-up to my original post! I must decide my countertop choice in the next couple of days and I think I am more confused than ever, LOL!

I still really like the santa cecelia. I also *really* LOVE soapstone, but don't think that will be in my budget. Only way to do that will be soapstone on my 8'x4' island and laminate on the perimeter countertops.

I plan on either going with a lighter granite (maybe Ocean Fantasy or Santa Celelia), or a dark honed granite.
Sigh. I am sooooo worn out from the decision making, waaaaa!

Sorry, I am not much help! I am still going with white cabinets (alabaster white by SW).

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Hi Jenny,

It's so funny - I did Santa C. in my first kitchen, and now that I am doing another I want soapstone!

I really love my Santa C. - I got great slabs with little gold, more tan, grey/black, white and garnet. Nothing shows up on it, and with three kids that is both a blessing and a curse!

I am kicking around the idea of a honed black on the perimeter and Santa C. on the island, as soapstone may be a budget breaker for me as well. Guess it's back to the FKB for more *research* . . . .

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mommy2four - Sorry I didn't notice your posting sooner. I got my pendant from Five Rivers - it's a Kichler - here's a link to that particular pendant...and it's on sale!

Here is a link that might be useful: brushed nickel pendant

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your kitchen is lovely, are your floors engineered or hardwood. Are your tiles beige tone. It looks like different colors on the two pictures. Also, what size light bulbs are in you recessed lights. I have 65 watt and I think they are very bright.

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I have fallen in love with the pictures of your kitchen. I will have white cabinets similiar to yours and am looking at the Santa Ceclia granite. There seems to be a few types - Santa Ceclia Classical, Light and Gold. Do you happen to remember which one you decided on. Also I see you have stainless steel appliances - did you do oil bronzed hardware on your cabinets? thanks so much for all the help.

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Sorry I am new to this type of posting. the above post was meant for you.
Thanks so much

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I'm also doing white cabinets...we're really having trouble deciding on granite. I'm thinking about kashmir white, new caldonia, or impala black. I'm also thinking about doing a butcher block island with granite around the permiter cabinets. Does anyone have any pictures they could share? We can't decide!!

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I had been considering Santa C for my darker cherry cabinents so I am familiar with the color. I personally would prefer a darker granite if I had white cabinets. There are some stunning colors out there that really make a statement. You can get away with just about any color if you have white cabinets, so why not make a statement?

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