What to do about uneven ceiling and stainless chimney hood?

Kristen HallockSeptember 2, 2013

We have a 42" Bluestar pyramid hood with a chimney. We've already installed the pyramid part, but we still need to put the chimney part on top of it so that it goes to the ceiling. Our ceilings are only 8' tall. The chimney part will only end up being about 13" (we need to bring it to a metal cutter to have them cut it from 15") since we mounted the hood about 32" from the top of the stove..

In anycase, something is not exactly level. I think its off by .5" at the most. DH wants to put a quarter round maple molding(to match cabinets) at the top of the chimney hood to cover the gap. I really do not want to do that. What do people normally do here? is there a stainless molding? or is there an obvious fix I am not seeing?

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We had to have ours cut down, too. Luckily, our ceiling was fairly level. I think I would carefully measure and have it cut to fit.

My option was to try to match my cabinet moulding, but my cabinet company has gone out of business, so I would probably never get it to match!

Mine is just sitting on the pyramid, since there is no way to fasten it from underneath.


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khallock, this may be the time to turn to a metal shop in your area that is engaged with the hvac community. Your situation is not that uncommon, i.e., ceilings, walls not level.

In your shoes, I would ask my hvac subcontractor to get his sheet metal go to person on board: hvac people use them regularly and know whose good. If necessary, they often make house calls where both work together to figure out a metal solution.

As springroz said, correct measurement, adjustment and cutting of your chimney hood may be the solution. Otherwise a second metal piece may be custom made to accommodate the out of plumb walls/ceiling.

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Kristen Hallock

Thanks. This is a DIY remodel and my husband did all of the vent work. He does know someone who cuts sheetmetal and I have googled a couple of places so I guess we will start there.

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sorry, khallock, i forgot this was DIY. Even more respect to you both for handling such intricacies. And I know you both will...

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Are you venting out the ceiling or the wall?

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You can have a SS piece made that acts like a mini baseboard--it covers the unevenness but not at the floor, at the ceiling. You would have it mounted to the SS vent cover at the ceiling. Or you can have a piece of 1/2" round in wood doing the same thing and paint it the color of your ceiling so that it covers the uneven gap. Either material is just like a baseboard...ideally it covers up any slight gaps or uneveness. If you have ceiling crown molding, you can wrap that around the vent too.

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Kristen Hallock

debrak2008 - we are venting out of the wall. so right behind the hood. Its already up and working, we just need to attach that chimney part to hide the pipe that goes out the wall.

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If the difference is just .5 inches, do you think it will be noticeable? Can you get the ceiling leveled with additional mud or plaster? what backsplash are you planning? If that goes all the way to the ceiling, it will hide a lot of imperfections.

Btw, what is the distance from your cooktop to bottom of your hood?


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If you are cutting the chimney part anyway, have it cut to follow the ceiling, draw a diagram to take to the person cutting it. Otherwise, cut it to the larger dimension, remove some drywall, and stuff it up higher. Then patch in around it.

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Kristen Hallock

Ok. I will talk about those options with my husband.

I am doing a tile backsplash. But I had only planned on going to the bottom of the hood with the tile.

GWlolo - we did 32" between the top of the range to the bottom of the hood. I am 5'2" and my husband is 6' tall. This seemed like an OK compromise.

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As was said above. If it is a small amount I doubt anyone would notice. Ours is out the wall as yours is. Our chimney part does not actually touch the ceiling. Our ceiling is not level either. Since ours doesn't touch you can't tell that one side is slightly different than the other.

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After seeing the picture, I'd just template the SS to match the unevenness. Like everyone said, it will most likely not even be noticed.

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Kristen Hallock

Any ideas on how you would template it to match the unevenness? I'm not sure how to go about this.

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