What have I done to my granite?!?!

buildinvaSeptember 18, 2013

Help!!! I noticed a few oil marks on my granite and wanted to get them off before I do the Bulletproof sealer. I googled and read about doing a baking soda / water potice overnight, so I did that. Then I rinsed the baking soda away and waited for the water mark to evaporate. Now the spots feel scratchy!!! I have rinsed several times and wiped it clean and they still feel this way. Not all the granite, just the spots where I used the baking soda! Yikes!!! What have I done? How can I fix it? Ugh, I'm so upset.

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Your granite can probably be easily buffed back by a professional. The problem for a DIY'er is the cost of the machine and the cost of the polish and/or diamond pads. Then there's knowing just what to do to.

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I managed to take the finish off my bathroom countertop and it feels the same (who knew that rust remover could be so harsh...duh!). It is a nice countertop (silestone) and that patch is now covered with a conch shell...lol. Not the best solution but it works for now! Easier to do in a bathroom than in a kitchen though! Hope you manage to get it fixed :)

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That is scary that baking soda would do that. I thought baking soda was a gentle cleaner.

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True, I never would have thought that baking soda could harm anything!

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Are you sure you've made scratches IN the granite, or might you have a residue ON TOP after using the baking soda? We have a low grade granite in a powder room. A few months after it was installed I noticed that the sheen had dulled in spots near the faucet handles. I tried a few different cleaners but nothing brought back the shine. Then I saw someone post (here I think) that it's impossible to remove the finish from granite, so I took a closer look. It was just hard water deposits. I grabbed a razor blade and spent two minutes scraping and -voila!- good as new.

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I too use a razor blade to get off mineral deposits.

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