show me pics of your paneled DW with full overlay cabs!

munchladylandSeptember 5, 2012

...if you've got 'em!

I have been planning on doing this but all of a sudden am wondering if it will look strange if the cabinets aren't inset. (Which is not in the budget.)

Oddly enough, thinking about the DW is prompted by the fact that our fridge just died over the weekend. So now I'm trying to figure out which fridge we want,and the DW hardly works at all so maybe we should replace that now as well. We are just at the stage where we're shopping around for quotes on cabinets and I hadn't thought much about the appliances yet at all. And now we've got a dorm fridge on the counter in the kitchen. Good times!


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Not the best picture but here is my paneled DW with full overlay cabinets. My dishwasher is a Bosch

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Here's our run of full overlay cabinets with a paneled dishwasher.

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Here's ours (door to the left of the sink cab):

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Thanks for the pictures- I can see that what I was concerned about is not a problem (the DW will be on the end of a run of cabinets and I thought that it might look a little weird but from these pictures I can see it will look just like a cabinet will.)
And they are all great pictures! Thanks again! We're going to wait it out and go with the paneled.

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Are any of these DW's a KitchenAid? That's my top runner...

I saw a YouTube video instructing one to use a normal toe kick panel along the full run - to hide the fact that it is a machine - just like it appears in Cat_Mom's pic. You will have to remove the entire toe-kick if you need to remove the machine, but 1) This rarely happens and 2) it is easy to do. So, this is my plan too!

Munchladyland - Our DW died and our kitchen remodel is a ways off, but I'm going to get the paneled DW now and just change the panel when we know what we are getting. I think these come with some sort of temporary front (correct me if I'm wrong!), but I think DH can make a temporary one if need be.

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Jeri, you may want to check but I don't think KA will be flush like the ones in the pics above. IIRC, they stick out more.

On the toe kick, just cut a piece out and slap some velcro on it and you have a removable matching toe kick!

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I have full overlay with a paneled KA dishwasher, which does stick out about 3/4 inch. Sorry, no pics. A minor regret of mine. I was warned.

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Marcydc & Wstsider40 & ???

It is my understanding that one can recess these units so they will be flush. Do you know of any reason this wouldn't work? Our remodel is a ways off, so this is something we can plan for. If it sticks out in the interim, I wouldn't mind. But I would like to be sure I am correct before purchasing such an expensive unit.

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It's a Bosch lowest-price fully integrated.

The bases are full overlay (1 1/4") but the uppers are inset.

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Here's mine. It a Fagor. Sits flush.

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Awesome pictures! The subject of replacing the DW along with the fridge just came up again this morning and I had to break it to DH that I really really really want to do the paneled DW, so we have to wait.....although if there is some temporary front that we can put on it until the reno is underway, that's a fantastic option. Seriously, every time we run the DW there are about 5 glasses or dishes that need to be soaked to get the dried-off gunk out! Yuck. Thank you for sharing all your pictures! I appreciate it.

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I have a tall dish drawer on each side of the sink. Had the cabinet maker make it look like the other drawers by doing 2 panels instead of one.

Now you see 'em

now you don't

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